We’ve all had those moments when we wish we could take back what we just said or did. Unfortunately for these 50 people, their embarrassing failures were caught on camera and are now circulating the internet for the world to see.

From wardrobe malfunctions to hilarious accidents, these photos are not ones they want anyone to see! At least they can warn us all – always be careful what you do or say because chances are someone will capture it on camera!

Scroll down for some of the funniest fails so far. You won’t regret it!

Dropped My Cologne In My Sink

Image: BobbySevenKnuckles

2. A Machine Came Thru My Local John Deere For Repairs From The Tornado In Kentucky

Image: dottiemcfierceon

3. Toast It Is

Image: DinklesTheNerd

4. That’s Definitely What An Alpha Male Would Do

Image: kingmxyi

5. He was Just Trying To Refund Two Tickets

Image: Pansexual_Paniccc

6. Can You Guess Which Month A Pipe Burst Under My House?

Image: tonyhawktricktips

7. I Live In Central Alberta, It Got Down To Roughly -45°C Tonight. Woke Up To Frost In The Corner Of My Bedroom

Image: Delphox4000

8. My Mom Washed My Favorite Sweater… Is This The Lewk?

Image: PhilEshaDeLox

9. It’s Been So Cold, I Snapped My Welcome Mat

Image: garthanthimum

10. Guy Parks On The Stripes Thinking He Can Avoid The Freezing Rain Only To Be Under A Leaky Pipe

Image: tnick771

11. Ordered A “Rose Apothecary” Sweater From Etsy For My Fiancé. This Came Instead. We’re Both Double Vaxxed And Healthcare Workers

Image: fruitloopmafia91

12. Lost Both Legs In April, Yesterday I Flipped My Wheelchair Off A Sidewalk For The First Time

Image: Psychological_Neck70

13. I Was Billed Over $2M For A Week In The Hospital

Image: p3terd

14. Came Home After A Long Shift, Went To Get Some Food, A Mouse Was In It

Image: haddyboo

15. A Student In My Class Tried Using 4 Devices To Cheat On A Quiz But Somehow Managed To Get The Wrong Answer On All Of Them

Image: Character-Ad4440

16. When The Stylist Says I’m Having A Tough Time With Your Hair Line

Image: cleanshoes30

17. Since Christmas, I have Been Wearing These, Noticing How The Right Ear Sounds Lower Than The Left One But Just Brushing It Off

Image: itsmemario97

18. My Girlfriend Found A Band-Aid In Her Food… Well, In Her Mouth Really

Image: LydianBlack

19. Friend’s Dad Made Some Cayenne Rolls From Scratch Tonight. He Thought He Was Using Cinnamon. The Rolls Had No Cinnamon

Image: SideshowShan

20. The View From My Apartment When I Moved In vs. Now

Image: Image: LardoftheFries

21. My Shopping Bag Broke At The Top Of The Stairs And The Lettuce Made A Run For It

Image: jennnfur

22. Joke’s On You, Most Pics In That Card Are Yours

Image: ydw1988913

23. FedEx In Alabama Strikes Again. This Time In Jemison, All 20 Packages Were Found In The Woods

Image: Kimbeee

24. I Had To Take In One Of my Parents’ Dogs For A Couple Of Days. My Wife Only Put One Of The Cats Away Before I Got Home With The Dog. I Had To Put Away The Second Cat. It Went… Well

Image: LethalInjectionRD

25. Not My Teeth But Someone’s Not Eating Solids Today

Image: Alternative-Ad-1115

26. It Seems I’m The Only One Who Commuted Into The Office Today. Maybe There’s A Memo Out There I Didn’t Receive

Image: RC123TheyCallMe

27. I Told My Husband Cutting His Own Hair Is A Bad Idea, This Happened

Image: Safe-Reaction

28. $80 Christmas Gift Applied Directly To My Driveway

Image: AbbiAndIlana

29. I’m Visually Impaired. I Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between A Wireless Charger And A Mug Heater


30. Today I Screwed Up

Image: StalkingBanana

31. Hi, I’m Calling To Start A Claim -My Car Is Flooded. Oh, I Don’t Have Flood Coverage? In That Case, It’s On Fire

Image: starbug311

32. When It’s Your Stop And The Doors Open To This

Image: 9999monkeys

33. Awful

Image: Jamesbondybond

34. Oh, No

Image: Electronic_Ad_8535

35. Guess What Kind Of Animal Nonchalantly Pushed My Mug From The Table

Image: amazingsandwiches

36. I Won’t Name Names But Looks Like Someone Ate Their Mom’s Lipstick

Image: Opal_L

37. The Coffee Maker That Saved My Life A Week Ago

38. Almost Died This Morning On The Highway. Bounced From The Left Lane Up In The Air And Impaled My Windshield

Image: acidwife

39. I’m Not A Big Fan Of Ballet. But My Wife Said It Would Be An Unforgettable Experience. It Was

Image: radleru

40. I Accidentally Ripped Out My Eyelashes An Hour Before I Got Married

Image: landofbizarre

41. Can You All Confirm For My Wife I’m Not Dumb And It Could Have Happened To Anyone?

Image: darkpollopesca

42. Someone Flying Out Of DFW Is Going To Have A Rough Time In A Few Hours

Image: mrplinko

43. I Passed Out In The Parking Lot Of The Emergency Room, And They Sent An Ambulance To Take Me 15 Feet

Image: phatyogurt

44. Wife And I Saved For Years To Build Our Dream Cabin In The Woods. Less Than Two Years Later, An Abandoned House Across The Road Decided To Open Up A Tobacco Store

Image: hau5cat

45. Bought These Binoculars Specifically To Go To The Grand Canyon Today

Image: Ericalva91

46. Received This Today. Kinda Resembles My Mental State

Image: Normallyeffusive

47. This Is My View From The Bathroom Floor, Looking At The Hole In The Ceiling I Just Fell Through

Image: StickyMcdoodle

48. When You Find Out The Hard Way That The Italian Restaurant’s Hand Sanitizer Looks Exactly Like Olive Oil

Image: BabyKitten24

49. This Week Started With A Break-Up, Then I Had To Get My Car Towed, and Now I Spilled Spaghetti In My Shoe

Image: millre01

50. The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit

Image: mrbootsy

We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we did. If there’s one thing they teach us, it’s to be careful when we tend to do something. Of course, we should be careful when we pose for a photo.

Which photo is your favorite? We would love to hear your story too. Let us know in the comments below.

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