The birthday is a day when you get more than your usual share of love and attention, but also one where self-reflection should be considered. It's unfortunate that far from everyone gets the memo on how special this event really can make them feel in their lives!

The worst thing someone could do on their own party date would have something to do with feeling entitled or greedy towards others' kindnesses--it doesn't matter if these emotions are negative because there will always still come out some good no matter what kind we experience during our lifespan; however it may lead some people down paths producing less desirable outcomes such as rude behavior (or anything else).

Birthdays are already a special occasion without having to go above and beyond like this! If you're someone who's thinking of making a bizarre request for your birthday, please reconsider – you really don't need to do anything extra to make the day feel special. Just enjoy your time with friends and family, and let the rest of us worry about the logistics!

01. I Apparently Singlehandedly Ruined A 13 Year Olds Birthday Party

I Apparently Singlehandedly Ruined A 13 Year Olds Birthday Party
Image: nitiddesigns

02. Her Bday Isn't Even Until Next Week

Image: blowing_ropes

03. "For My Mom's Birthday, I'm Taking Her To Meet My Favorite Singer."

Image: wonderbooty911

04. I’m Not A Fan Of Fondant, But This Guy Is A Jerk

Image: ThatWasCool

05. Imagine Asking People In A Generous Group For $200 To Throw Your Dog A Birthday Party...people Go Out Of Their Way To Give You Money In A Pandemic And You Post This? She Tried Saying Later That Since She Said “I’m Super Grateful” It Excused Her Being Super Ungrateful. I Can’t Even Lie I’m Mad

Image: Total_Trash_Baby

06. No Broke Boy Birthday Wishes

Image: eddrriley

07. Well... Guess She Is Having A Crap Birthday

Image: -Sc077-

08. Happy Birthday Tho

Image: DosoXD

09. Choosing Beggar Invites Me To Their Birthday Party

Image: tahu227

10. Happy Birthday?

Image: inevitableanxiety

11. Happy Birthday!

Image: PureHarmony

12. Was Looking At Some Reviews For Vegas Hotels. Can't Imagine What It Must Be Like Dealing With People Like This

Image: infanteater1

13. Someone Offered To Make Her A Free Designer Cake For Her Birthday, but She Was Not Satisfied

Image: djxcape

14. Private Jet Trip For 30th Birthday

Image: jellymouthsman

15. It’s My Birthday Can I Get It Cheaper?

Image: CyborgKnitter

17. Oh You Have Cancer...sorry, But My Birthday Is Coming Up Soon!!!

Image: Redwood21

18. It's My Birthday Give Me Your Hard Earned Money

Image: xkrax17

19. "My Iou Birthday Present'

Image: Quirkless555

20. It's Their Birthday, So They Want It For A Discount/Free

Image: OkBandicoot2958

21. Can I Have A Birthday Discount?

Image: II-I-Hulk-I-II

22. Birthday Card For Choosing Beggars

Image: MyMemesAreGold

23. "Pls I Have a Birthday I Just Got Cancer Too"

Image: TheFartingKing_56

24. It's My Birthday

Image: TheScarletJones

25. Plan My Birthday For Me Or Our Friendship Is Over

Image: pumpkab0o

26. It’s My Birthday! Give Me Money!

Image: ItaSchlongburger

27. Facebook Friend On What/What Not To Buy Her For Birthday


28. I Made A Post an Awhile Back About My Cb Exfriend Who Got Mad Because I Gave Him Less Money For His Birthday Compared To Last Year, And After The Post And The Comments I Decided To Message Him About It And This Is What He Said

Image: UltimateSkull99

29. Using Gofundme For A Vacation

Image: leo21lan

30. Entitled Rich Kid Asks For Birthday Money

Image: bloodydickens

Birthdays are a time to let loose and have fun, but sometimes people take things too far. We’ve all heard the requests for outrageous things on someone’s birthday, but which one is funnier? The person who asks for something completely ridiculous or the person who delivers on that request in an even more outlandish way? Let us know in the comments below!

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