Have you ever gone on vacation to some amazing place and fallen in love with it, only to come back home and realize that hardly anyone has even heard of it? Probably not, because if you’re like most people, you probably just post about your amazing trip on social media.

Well, we’ve got good news for you – we’ve compiled a list of 50 incredible places shared by ‘Abandoned Beauties’ Facebook page. So the next time you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination to travel to, be sure to check out one of these hidden gems!

1. Abandoned Mansion, Belgium

Image: bastionjanksi

2. Abandoned Chapel In France

Image: isabelle_van_assche

3. The Ruins Of Bannerman’s Castle, An Abandoned Military Surplus Warehouse, Still Stand In The Middle Of The Hudson River

Image: Kim Zier Photography

4. Fairy Tale House

Image: u_r_b_e_x__

5. I Don’t Understand Why People Abandoned Beautiful Properties Like This

Image: tmaxfirenze

6. A Library Inside An Abandoned 19th Century Victorian Mansion. Who Wants To Explore?

Image: Abandoned Beauties

7. Italy

Image: samurai_______________

8. Ballysaggartmore Towers Are Two Ornate Entrance Lodges (One Also Acts As A Bridge)

Image: michaela.abeyphotography

9. The Magnificence Of An Abandoned Place

Image: instabruijn

10. A Roman Bathhouse Still In Use After 2,000 Years In Khenchela, Algeria

Image: ACAA

11. An Old Castle That’s Been Left Behind In England

Image: _marcelsiebert

12. Abandoned Beach House Slowly Being Reclaimed By The Sea, North Carolina

Image: meunderwears

13. Shengsi Islands

Image: w.n__t

14. Abandoned Hotel Del Salto, Colombia. Explore Or Ignore?

Image: Abandoned Beauties

15. Beautiful Abandoned Miners’ Cottages In A Disused Slate Quarry In Snowdonia, North Wales

Image: peter.pup

16. Strasbourg, France

Image: urbex_et_prestige

17. Abandoned Hotel In Northern Italy (San Pellegrino)

Image: Abandoned Beauties

18. Hidden In The Forest

Image: abandoned_nordic

19. Abandoned Spa Town In The Czech Republic

Image: Abandoned Beauties

20. Abandoned Villa In Italy

Image: glory.of.disrepair

21. Ghost Cloud Temple

Image: glory.of.disrepair

22. Aniva Lighthouse In Sakhalin, North Of Japan

Image: lanasator

23. French Castle

Image: sab_chd

24. A Sanatorium, In Poland. Explore Or Ignore?

Image: Abandoned Beauties

25. Sintra

Image: d.p.abandoned_explorer

26. Skola Tower, Italia

Image: ir0n4ss

27. Abandoned Beauty

Image: decades_of_decay

28. Abandoned Train In Siberia

Image: Abandoned Beauties

29. Awesome Staircase In Europe

Image: inertia42

30. Abandoned Guitar Factory

Image: hirooooox

31. Who’s Interested In Escaping Civilization And Buying Their Own Private Island In Wales? This Fixer Upper Sea Fort With Epic Views Is Now For Sale, It Was Last Upgraded In 1859!

Image: johnedwardjames

32. An Overgrown Pool At An Abandoned Mansion. Location Unknown

Image: chicago_jenn

33. Atmosphere In Russia

Image: svetoch_13

34. Abandoned Library

Image: lanasator

35. Volkswagen Graveyard

Image: cstone710

36. Abandoned…

Image: ennis.k__

37. Abandoned Hotel – 2019

Image: pearlogs

38. Smirnykh, Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia

Image: lanasator

39. If Walls Could Talk…

Image: Alexandr Nikulin

40. Soviet Era Tupolev 104 Jet

Image: maria.urbex.photography

41. Mcdermott’s Castle, Abandoned Fairytale Irish Castle In The Middle Of A Lake, County Roscommon, Ireland

Image: malteheitmueller

42. Abandoned House In The Swamp

Image: Abandoned Beauties

43. A Very Little Key Will Open A Very Heavy Door. Charles Dickens

Image: kimzier11

44. Abandoned Castle In Italy

Image: Abandoned Beauties

45. Abandoned Casino In Romania

Image: The Glory of Disrepair

46. The Garden Of Ninfa Is A Landscape Garden In The Territory Of Cisterna Di Latina, In The Province Of Latina, Central Italy

Image: robyrabs

47. The Stairway Of An Abandoned Button Factory

Image: Abandoned Beauties

48. A Perfect Place For Peaceful Thoughts And Meditation

Image: hello_nady

49. Abandoned 19th Century Greenhouse, France

Image: jahzdesignoff

50. Abandoned Glasshouse

Image: kollaps3n

As you can see, many places worldwide have been forgotten and left to ruin. While some of these places are simply irritating because they’re eyesores, others are in danger of being lost forever. It’s important to remember these places and appreciate their historical value before it’s too late.

Have you been to any of these amazing but forgotten spots? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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