Can you imagine a 97-year-old grandma flipping and tumbling like a pro gymnast while most of us grumble about back pain in our 30s? Today, we're introducing you to Johanna Quaas, the record-breaking German gymnast who's defying age and inspiring millions, including big names like Simone Biles and Viola Davis!

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Meet Johanna Quaas, a German gymnast and mother of three who's been stealing the spotlight with her mind-blowing routines, showing us that it's never too late to chase your dreams. Earning the title of the world's oldest gymnast from Guinness World Records at the age of 86 back in 2012, this unstoppable lady is still going strong at 97!

Born in the golden year of 1925, Johanna's love for gymnastics blossomed at the tender age of nine. She carried her passion and talent throughout her life, even dominating the German Seniors gymnastics scene by snagging the title for 11 consecutive years, from 2000 when she was 75, all the way to 2011 at 86.

Johanna Quaas' extraordinary journey is filled with viral moments that leave viewers in awe. Most recently, a clip from the German Gymnastics Festival in 2017, featuring 91-year-old Johanna in action, caught the eye of Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis. Viola shared the video with a heartfelt message: "You are my spirit warrior!! Wow!! GOALS!!!!" This clip alone has racked up over 400,000 likes!

But that's not even her most viral moment! Quaas first stole the world's heart when user LieveDaffy uploaded videos of her floor and parallel bars routines at the Tournament of Masters in 2012. Within just six days, both videos amassed over 1.1 million views each! Today, these inspirational performances have garnered more than 3.5 million views.

And it's not just us ordinary folks who are captivated by Johanna's incredible talent. Even the greatest athletes in gymnastics, like Simone Biles, have been left speechless by her parallel bars routine.

Just one glimpse of her performance will leave you speechless, regardless of your age. So, what's her secret recipe for success? Quaas attributes her remarkable achievements to a healthy diet, moderation in eating, and a consistent exercise routine, which involves practicing gymnastics three or four days a week.

But that's not all! She's also a firm believer in maintaining a positive outlook on life, and her mantra? "My heart is young."

Even though she officially retired back in 2018, Johanna Quaas isn't one to sit back and take it easy! Our sprightly gymnastics superstar keeps dazzling us with her jaw-dropping moves on Instagram. You'll find her casually standing on her head, stretching like a champ, or even showing off her soccer skills. Talk about living life to the fullest!

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