Have you ever seen something odd and just had to share it with the world? We’ve all been there. We’re out and about, enjoying nature and all its splendor, when we see something that just doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s a bird with two heads or a fish with four legs. Whatever it is, it’s strange, and we just have to share it with the world.

Fortunately, there’s an online community where people can do just that – and they’ve shared some pretty weird stuff. Check out some of the craziest things people have seen in nature below. You won’t believe your eyes!

1. My Rhododendron Looks Like It’s Trying To Run-Off

Image: phigene

2. I Saw Some Ants Carrying A Glove Up A Lamp

Image: ri4nn3

3. My Cat Has One Little Curly Whisker

Image: amlight

4. The Inside Of This Tree Looks Like A Fish

Image: molehillmilk

5. Our New Kitty Has 24 Toes

Image: thelemonx

6. his Bumble Bee Lined Up Perfectly With The Stitches On My Shoe

Image: Mysteriefreak

7. My Grandad Showing Off His Gigantic Homegrown Cabbage

Image: mosesmoorhouse

8. I Was Taking A Panorama Picture Of A Tree In Georgia, And It Started Raining Halfway Through

Image: B4rrett50c

9. The Way The Light Hits This Spiderweb Makes It Look Like A Cd-Rom


10. The Variety Of Colors In The Eggs My Friend’s Chickens Laid


11. This Rainbow Vine Started Growing In My Backyard


12. This Tomato Looks Like A Rubber Duckie

Image: SpuddyMcSpud

13. Red Corn From Georgia

Image: GoldenChinchilla

14. The Beautiful Tail On This Lizard I Saw

Image: Unique-Sandwich6631

15. Our Cookout In Gatlinburg, TN, Was Interrupted By A Bear Who Sat Just Like A Human At The Picnic Table While He Finished Off Our Food

Image: takeheedyoungheathen

16. Believe This Might Be A Lightning Strike On A Concrete Sidewalk

Image: junglepeanut

17. Tiny Octopus I Found Inside A Seashell!

Image: arzam007

18. The Ghost Deer That Patrols Our Neck Of The Woods

Image: thredder

19. The World’s Most Dangerous Plant!

Image: folowthewhiterarebit

20. This Tree I Found Grows Into Itself

Image: FishayyMtg

21. Made A Bird Friend Yesterday

Image: discreet_baker

22. This Swirly Dandelion I Found

Image: Golden_Snail_DK

23. Perfectly Round Rock I Found At The Beach

Image: Fudgemnky

24. The Gradient This Clump Of Blueberries Makes

Image: hcgsoccer11

25. This Rock Looks Like A Decapitated Dragon’s Head

Image: esquared87

26. I Found Glacier Water So Clear You Can Barely See It

Image: OkSoBasicallyPeach

27. This Big Ass Leaf. Wife For Scale

Image: bigpahpa256

28. A Salt Crystal I Grew At Home

Image: crystalchase21

29. Found This Fossil Today

Image: Im-A-Scared-Child

30. My Grandfather Had A Red-Headed Woodpecker Land On His Leg

Image: A_Random_Sunstorm

31. Found This ‘Veiled Lady’ Mushroom On A Hike This Morning Near Seoul, South Korea

Image: Spudnut

32. My Driveway Tomato Doing Well

Image: elscotto80

33. Excessive Rain Resulted In Huge Blueberries

Image: littlasskicker

34. Neighbors Tree Was Struck By Lightning, It Now Blooms In Different Stages

Image: CretinousCarrot

35. I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color

Image: CameronClarkFilm

36. This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree

Image: phantomplayerone

37. Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometres Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland

Image: Johanngunnar

38. These Large Pumpkins I Saw On The Freeway

Image: Chris20nyy

39. My Son Was Born With A Black Spot Of Hair In His Blonde Hair. It Grows In Black, And There Is No Birth Mark Or Discoloration Under It

Image: maceparks

40. The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone

Image: bopete1313

41. Frost Pattern On A Car This Morning

Image: CalTech0003

42. The Way My Windscreen Froze

Image: Liamers

43. I Saw The End Of The Rainbow Today

Image: toastforscience

44. Yo, These Vines In My Neighborhood Look Like An Elephant

Image: ImKeanuReefs

45. The Petals Of This Camellia Flower

Image: ewilio

46. My Aunts Cat Has The Word No Circled In His Fur Pattern


47. This Cat That Lives At The Parking Lot At My Job Has Extra Toes

Image: neon_noire

48. Day Old Hedgehogs

Image: Zuntic

49. This Stray Cat In Our Neighborhood Has A Perfect White Mustache

Image: 877CASHN0W

50. This Geode Looks Like Ocean Waves On The Beach

Image: GingerGinny

So, what’s the deal? Why are we so drawn to these oddities in nature that we just can’t seem to help to share them online?

It could be a case of Schadenfreude enjoying someone else’s misfortune. Or maybe it’s simply the sense of awe and wonders these strange sights evoke. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure – you’re not alone in your fascination with weird things found in nature. What was your favorite find from our list?

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