Do you have a brother from another mother? No? Well, you’re not alone. Most people don’t. But these 50 adorable animals do! And they’re just as lovable as any other brothers and sisters.

No matter where you go in the animal kingdom, you’ll find family ties that are just as strong as ours. Just take a look at these animal brothers from other mothers.

They may not be related by blood, but they’re brothers thru and thru. Whether they’re sticking together thru thick and thin or just having good old-fashioned fun, these animals prove that family is everything.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the most special brotherly relationships in the animal kingdom!

1. She is being affectionate

Image: Gamer_Diva

2. Double boop

Image: vladgrinch

3. Brother From Another Mother

Image: LindaDee

4. Blue Dutch rabbit and matching kitten

Image: warrenphotographic

5. Same but different 🐶🐴

Image: wfldphotography

6. My twins. I don’t think they know they’re adopted

Image: EveryDayImJocelyn

7. Chillin’ at home

Image: patryks_world

8. Black-and-white kitten, Dutch rabbit, Guinea pigs, and Border Collie puppy

Image: warrenphotographic

9. Best Buds Almost Falling Off The Bed For Rubs And Kisses

Image: ashleywhitephoto

10. Doggo found his seal brother

Image: harpertheblueseal

11. Matching Brother and Sister

Image: perceivedthoughts

12. The ancient brothers

13. Brothers from another moooooo-ther

Image: AndygirlXS

14. Two husky mixes, with their color-coordinated kitten look-alikes

15. Gingers United

Image: dorathegoldengirl

16. Who knew a cat and guinea pig could look so alike?

Image: Milkshake-cat

17. I didn’t realize how well they matched each other before now

Image: blackbird_feathers

18. When the kitten and puppy are a matching set

Image: labbitlove

19. Nemo the tri-pawed pupper and his matching friend, Yam


20. Colors are the smiles of nature

Image: cavalosuae

21. Brother from another mother

Image: Pavlova Polina

22. Brothers from another mother

Image: yeeppergg

23. The protector twin

Image: yallaroo_genetics

24. Brothers from another mother

Image: Muggles22

25. They have the same coat

Image: Portera2767

26. Hey, you are me, Just Cat

Image: warrenphotographic

27. Some warm fuzzies in honor of your birthday

Image: wallacethewabbit

28. Dat Peg; Dat Bun

Image: iffymath

29. My dog and his new look-alike pupper friend


30. Cat spoon pug

Image: xjamjarxjox

31. My entirely unrelated pets twinning out this evening

Image: notur_bb

32. Kitty Mom

Image: littleriver_homestead

33. Percy is the very best big brother

Image: cookiecups

34. That’s my bro everybody

Image: fjordility

35. Twinsies

Image: the_cool_guinea_pigs

36. I am Crimson the great, and demand to have my chin scratched

Image: crimsonclover_andfriends

37. Pupper has a matching brother

Image: dDeoxyribo

38. Happy Twins

Image: eleven.and.milo

39. I’m with the doggos

Image: miss_poppet_the_samoyed

40. Big brother and Meow

Image: bowstring0924

41. What kind of pupper is this?

Image: SarahSmilla

So, what do you think? Do these animals look more like they have brothers from other mothers or not? It can be tough to tell sometimes, right? But that’s the fun of it! Just when you think you know which animal is related to which, another one comes along and throws you for a loop. We hope you enjoyed this little roundup of animals with siblings from other mothers; it was certainly a lot of fun putting it together. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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