Do you know what the world looked like before 1700? Most people don't. Even historians have a hard time piecing together what life was like back then. It's always fun to look back on historical images and see how things have changed over the years. Sometimes, it's amazing how much things have stayed the same, while other times, it's shocking to see how much things have changed.

But thanks to Mary McGillivray, we now have a rare collection of historical images from that period. This is an amazing resource for anyone interested in history or genealogy! So be sure to check it out!

1. If it's got nice trees but boring figures, it's a Poussin

Baptism of Christ" by Nicolas Poussin

2. If it looks like the first kid at school who learned to draw in 3D and would not shut up about it, it's a Masaccio

"Holy Trinity" by Masaccio

3. If it looks like a trendy collage artist's Instagram, then it's Constructivism

Movie poster for the experimental avant-garde film Man With A Movie Camera" by Vladimir and Georgil Stenberg

4. If she's blonde and got thick thighs, it's a Titian

Sacred and Profane Love by Titian

5. If it's homoerotic and painted on a wall or a ceiling, it's the High Renaissance

Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo

6. If it looks like a stressful game of Tetris, it's a George Braque

"Bottle and Fishes" by Georges Braque

7. If it's just got nice trees, iťs a Claude Lorrain

Pastoral Landscape by Claude Lorrain

8. If it looks like a low-res JPEG blown up, its Pointillism

Detail of “La Parade de Cirque” by Seurat

9. If it's got a happy presence, it's a Dutch Genre Painting

The Way You Hear it is the Way You Sing it by Jan Steen

10. If the people look way too long then it's Mannerism

Madonna and Child" by Parmigianino

11. If it's got ugly babies, it's Medieval

"Madonna and Child" by Bernardo Daddi

12. If it looks like the artistic equivalent of nicotine addiction, it's an Egon Schiele

“Self portrait” by Egon Schiele

13. If there's a room with some nice furniture, a window, and some women just going about their everyday business, it's Vermeer

"Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid" by Johannes Vermeer

14. If it looks like a Cottagecore pin-up girl, then its Art Nouveau

“Moet &Chandon: Champagne White Star” by Alphonse Mucha

15. If it's got more flesh than a nudist beach, it's a Rubens

The Feast of Venus" by Peter Paul Rubens

16. If it looks like a school nativity play where everyone's made a toga out of different colored bedsheets, it's a Giotto

"Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ)" by Giotto di Bondone

17. If it looks like a scene from Madaline. it's a Jean Dufy

Paris, La Seine” by Jean Dufy

18. If it looks like an amateur theatre production, then it's Neo-Classical

Oath of the Horatio" by Jacques-Louis David

19. If it looks like... it's an OKeeffe

"Untitled" by By Georgia O'Keeffe

20. If it looks like an angsty male ego, then it's German Romanticism

Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich

21. If there's at least one person looking at the camera like they're on The Office, it's Diego Velázquez

Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez

22. If it's got palpable female rage and/or vengeance, it's an Artemisia

Judith Slaying Holofernes' by Artemisia Gentileschi

23. If it looks like a nightmare you once had about being stranded in the desert, then it's Surrealism

"The Temptation of Saint Anthony" by Salvador Dali

24. If it's got rich people frolicking outdoors, then it's Rocco

The swing’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

25. If it's a portrait of Rembrandt, it's a Rembrandt

Self Portrait by Rembrandt

26. If it looks like the chaos after a blackout where everyone is stumbling around in the dark under one solitary emergency light, it's a Caravaggio

The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio

27. If it looks like a really satisfying game of Tetris, it's a Mondrian

"Composition with Red Blue and Yellow" by Piet Mondrian

28. If it's unfinished, it's probably a Leonardo

The Adoration of the Magi" by Leonardo da Vinci

29. If it's got cute babies, it's Baroque

The Virgin and Child" by Ludovico Carracci

30. If it looks like a Tupperware drawer, then it's Cubism

Girl with a Mandolin" by Pablo Picasso

31. If it looks like you need your glasses prescription updated, then it's Impressionism

"The walk by Claude Monet

32. If she's blonde and has this exact face, it's a Botticelli

The figure of Flora" ', "Portrait of Venus" and "Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci" by Sandro Botticelli

33. If everyone in the painting looks unreasonably jacked, including the women, it's a Michelangelo

The Creation of Adam and Prophets And Sibyls: Libyan Sibyl by Michelangelo

The tips in this article should help you become a more well-rounded art expert. However, if you want to take it to the next level and impress people with your knowledge, some additional steps can be taken. You could also try taking an introductory class at a local college or university. These will provide priceless insights into how to spot fakes and forgeries, as well as give you access to experts who know their stuff inside out. What other ways do you think people can use these humorously presented strategies?

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