Helping animals is the best and most helpful professional occupation one can pursue. Spending your life helping animals who have suffered terrible accidents or chronic illnesses must be a wonderful feeling. I would not hesitate to switch jobs with veterinarians. I can imagine how enjoyable it would be for veterinarians to spend their days surrounded by adoring animals.

It can also be difficult and stressful because dealing with animals is far more complicated than dealing with humans. They cannot communicate their pain, where they are hurting, or what happened to them. Today, we honor all veterinarians working tirelessly to help animals suffering from physical or emotional discomfort. You're doing a fantastic job and setting an excellent example for the rest of us. Humanity and kindness are being instilled in us.

Please scroll down to see a beautiful selection of photos of wholesome moments captured at the clinic by veterinarians who can't stop themselves from photographing the adorable animals.

My Vet Having Some Fun With A Litter Of Great Danes

Image: Camkoda

2. Bone Went To The Vet And Passed All His Yearly Checkups

3. Adorable puppy at his vet checkup

4. "Shocked Pupper Is So Shocked. My Equally Shocked Coworker Katie"

Image: mrsmadmike

5. "My Step-Dad Is A Vet, And One Of His Patients Looked A Little Different Today"

Image: veggie-berger

6. A moving "thank you" to the vet

Image: 8outof10cats

7. "I'm A Horse Vet. This Adorable Little Guy Fell Asleep On My Feet While I Talked To His People"

Image: quantizedd

8. These extremely adorable 9-week-old Maine Coon kittens are waiting for their vet check

Image: PloverLover

9. She looks so happy, she made that! Proud mom

Image: Marina Brito

10. Here is a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever cross-bred dog. How cute!

Image: thisisnonsense11

11. "I Work At A Vet Clinic And Haven't Had A Pet In Quite Some Time. Someone Brought This Fella In To Be Neutered And Stated She'd Be Returning Him Back Outside. I said, "nope!" and now he's mine!"

Image: thespy

12. If you are wondering, this is the benefit of being a vet

Image: Zentik69

13. "My Friend's Dog Ate A Pot Brownie Yesterday"

Image: SloanXL

14. This is the cutest picture you will see on the internet today

Image: woodend3442

15. Aww. So tiny!


16. "My Friend Posted A Photo Of A Cat He Took Care Of While On His Vet Internship In Taiwan"

Image: TheGSwat

17. "My Mom's A Vet And Today My Wife And I Got The Chance To Play With This Little Girl"

Image: millAh

18. Look how cute this hamster is

Image: blek_blek

19. Big ears fluff-baby

Image: armyar

20. "Most People Keep Office Supplies In Their Desk. I Keep A Sleeping Pomeranian"

Image: M1rlyn

21. "A Baby Fox Was Brought To Our Local Vet. Looks Almost Like CGI On This Pic"

Image: teo_sk

22. Oh, he does not look happy at all…

Image: BoboMatrix

23. "Girlfriend Is A Vet Tech, She Sends Me Photos Of Handsome Animals Like This All The Time"

Via]6 marijuanaperson

24. The second male calico the vet has seen in over 54 years of practice

Via borkborkporkbork

25. "My Coworker Brought In Her Baby Goat, Matilda. 2.3 Lbs"

Via Meggiemugs

26. "Wolf Pupper That Came Into The Veterinary Clinic!"

Via Luckys224

27. The Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic is looking after a baby beaver

Image: Source

28. "I'll Just Be Right Here Making Sure Anesthetic Recovery Goes Well, Don't Mind Me"

Image: wowsuchdoge_wow

29. "Damascus Was A Bad Man At The Vet And Was Very Bitey So He Got Put In The Lizard Straight Jacket For His X-Rays"


30. "We Really Take Post-Op Care Seriously At My Job. Cuddles Is The Best Medicine"


31. "Reception Has Been Turned Into Reese-Option Ever Since Our Doctors New Puppy Reese Came To Take Over"

Image: M1rlyn

32. "We Have To Hold Off The Jugular Vein After Drawing Blood, But This Sweet Old Girl Thought I Was Just There For The Hugs. This Is Why I Love My Job"

Image: meowpal33

33. "A Teeny Weeny Shoulder Kitten (Another Reason To Love My Job)"

Image: Elfanara

34. "My Dog Kissing Her Vet While He's Taking Her Blood Pressure"


35. "Golden Boye Has A Crush On His Vet. Can't-Wait For Her To Come Back"

Image: Spreadtheloveguy

36. "I Love My Job. Meet Norman"


37. "Our Australian Shepherd Puppy Slept Through His First Vet Visit, Even Shots And When Being Held Up For A Physical Exam"


38. "My Sister In Law Is A Vet Tech. This Is At Her House. This Kind Of Stuff Happens To Her All The Time. She's The Female Ace Ventura"

Image: Istateyourname

39. "Created An Account To Share This, GF Had This Little Fella In The Vet Clinic She Works At Today"

Image: ponyfeeder

40. "This Little One Rolled Into My Father-In-Law's Veterinary Clinic This Week"

Image: SwiftJustice88

41. "Today Is The 8th Anniversary Of What Was Definitely My Most Interesting Shift As A Veterinary Receptionist"

Image: zeddoh

42. "I'm A Vet. I Love My Profession"

Image: Siz6

43. "Working At A Vet Clinic Has Its Perks – Like This Pocket Full Of Cuteness"

Image: Wyrdia

44. "Dylan, 11-Month-Old Norwegian Forest Cat. Our Vet Tech Carried Him Around The Office To See The Rest Of The Staff For Pets And Pictures. He Was Feeling Proud"

Image: enrocc

45. "My Mom, A Veterinarian, Just Sent Me A Picture Of One Of Her New Patients"

Image: -CharethCutestory

46. "My Vet Sister Laughing Along With A Female PitBull"

Image: cloud1997

47. Here is your doctor


48. "This Handsome Special Needs Kitten Is Now In Foster Care"

Image: Kern County Animal Services

49. "My Baby Huxley Is Going Into Surgery Right Now, The Vet Techs Sent Me This"

Image: Never-On-Reddit

50. Aww, she totally loves her vet

Image: simbathebengal

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