Have you ever seen a dog with a wild mane of hair or a cat with an unusually extra set of paws? Some pets have genes that give them distinctive looks, making them stand out. In this blog post, we’ll look at forty different pets with unique genes that have given them distinct looks. From dogs with wispy hair to cats with wild markings, these animals are sure to turn heads!

From kangaroos with striped fur to llamas with wooly hair, if you’re looking for a pet that’s sure to stand out, here are 40 pets with unique genes that have given them distinctive looks.

1. Poly power.

Image: robert_sijka

2. My toes and I are ready for you.

Image: sansa.thecat

3. A cat with an opposable thumb.

Image: cronkgarrow

4. Cat with two tails.

Image: Fulcrum71

5. This cat has 26 toes.

Image: Papa-Wu

6. The polydactyl Highland Lynx is complete with curled ears and a bobtail.

Image: kaykykelkip

7. Doubled fangs of a kitten.

Image: iceage2012

8. Two-faced cat.

Image: GallowBoob

9. He came with 75% extra beans.

Image: sobraticmethod

10. A cat with cross-eyed, head tilted, polydactyl, yet has a clean bill of health.

Image: Sikarum

11. Say hi to our new kitten Maximillion! He’s a polydactyl Siamese.

Image: damatt09

12. The cat at our warehouse gave birth to a kitten with an extra tiny paw that functions as a thumb.

Image: Bragapple

13. Sleepy polydactyl kitten with an extra six toes.

Image: highrollerbipolar

14. Polydactyl Peek-A-Boo.

Image: Cynthiadawn

15. This Kitten With 7 Beans!

Image: Triceratons

16. Here Is My Rescue Baby.

Image: SayianPrincess19

17. I Drove Over An Hour One Way To Pick Up My Purrito With Extra Beans From A Shelter In The Middle Of Nowhere. Meet Zula.

Image: Daiiga

18. Joey.

Image: eimeardelarosa

19. My Polydactyl Kitty Stella.

Image: jene-brooke

20. Polydactyl Kitten In-Clinic Today.

Image: DrySheckles

21. Frankie Was Born With Four Ears And An Eye Deformity, But He’s Still Purrfect.

Image: Missy-Andry

22. My Friend’s Polydactyl Half-Lynx Kitten. Her Name Is Nimh.

Image: BaronVonDouchebag

23. Our Little Ginger Polydactyl Kitten.

Image: StreetSpiritFO

24. At Work Today, We Literally Had A Mutant Cat Come Through… Extra Canine Tooth, Strongly Rooted.

Image: saintlindsay

25. Leg Broken In 2 Places But Still Got Sexy Legs And Thumbs.

Image: Pemigewasset

26. Found A Kitty With Extra Beans At The Lake. Meet Pawla Abdul.

Image: unlimitedJUICE

27. My Kitten Showing Off Her Polydactyl Toe Beans.

Image: ChunkyBlowfish

28. Friend’s Cat Has Black Chin, So It Always Looks Surprised. It’s Also A Polydactyl And his thumbs.

Image: placeboob

29. My New Love! She’s A Polydactyl She Has 6 Toes On Each Foot! Any Names?

Image: ladygargoyle

30. Extra Beans.

Image: smartas

31. This Is Migi, Our Polydactyl 6-Year-Old Cat.

Image: chomps44

32. Skippy’s Toes. He Was A Kitten I Fostered Last Year Who Had Radial Hypoplasia And A Lot Of Toes.

Image: youngestoldcatlady

Pets never cease to amaze us in every possible way. That’s all for today! We hope you enjoyed this post about our 40 enchanting pets dealing with a unique gene mutation. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and see which one of these animals is the most adorable to you. Let us know in the comments below!

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