Modern technology has undeniably enhanced our lives in several ways, from healing once-terminal illnesses to space explorations. We must all agree that life without technology now seems nearly impossible. Though technology makes life easier, it is also the source of many social problems, the most prominent of which is smartphone addiction.

Thanks to cell phones, we are more connected than ever, yet unplugging is also more unpleasant. The following comics depict some of social media addiction's funny and not funny side consequences.

Scroll down to check out the dark drawings for yourself. Though these comics may appear funny, the issues they address concern many of us, and hopefully, you will not find yourself in these dark images.

1. But first, let me take a selfie…

2. Reality is often disappointing.

3. Sad but true.


4. Modern date nowadays.

5. What's wrong with our screen-saturated culture?

Image: Liam Walsh

6. Scary new generation.

7. The Lord knocks on the door of our hearts. Maybe we have put up a small sign that says: "Do not disturb"?

Image: Cote

8. The light of ever-glowing screens.

9. A Binky indeed!

Image: Creators Syndicate

10. Love flew away from our hearts all alone.

11. Unfortunate bonding we are in.

12. Modern solutions with destructive ideas.

13. Childhood destroyed in seconds.

14. The notification from hell.

15. No more family gatherings.

16. The completion of fools.

17. Hope it speaks for us someday.

18. Technological slavery.

19. The screen trap.

20. Things with no essential value in real life.

Image: Jim Benton.

21. Teach your child this: "No electronics at the dinner table."

22. When sharing is more important than dying?

23. The last status.

Image: Jon Carter

24. Real-life meme.

25. The disappointing future.

26. Taking a photo is a must everywhere you step.

27. The real drugs nobody cares for.

28. Too busy to wait.

29. Definitely not the right way.

30. It was never true.

No. 3, 4, and 9 would be our top three choices if we had to choose only three. How about you? Let us know in the comments section. And don't forget to share this article with your friends addicted to phones.

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