Reaching this impressive age as a cartoonist is a fantastic feat, but what’s even more astonishing is that Mr. Parisi shows no sign of stopping any time soon. On the contrary, his cartoons only seem to improve with age. If you don’t believe me, take a look yourself. Here are 30 of his latest and most fantastic comics, guaranteed to make you smile.

1. Such a Badass Grandma.

2. Wire you saying that…

3. Evil. Truly heinous crimes.

4. Well… It is natural.

5. Kitty Anatomy.

6. Men will be men.

7. Lockdown.

8. The garlic costume.

9. Sure, kid, let’s do lunch.

10. About to be squeezed.

11. And they lived happily ever after.

12. Too late.

13. Best weighted blanket ever.

14. Sometimes, I hurt and kill. That’s all.

15. Wishcado.

16. Caught in the act.

17. It seems to be working.

18. Understandable.

19. That cat really can’t control itself.

20. Work from home.

21. Cheeky cat.

22. Making it much worse.

23. That is so embarrassing.

24. Hanging out in a garden sounds fun.

25. Well, what did you expect?

26. He doesn’t look too happy about that.

27. Teenagers…

28. We all know he’s using Apple Maps.

29. Nightmare.

30. Tasteless? Might need 6 herbs and 7 spices.

31. Chews your battles.

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