The most accurate definition of laziness may be found in this collection. These individuals believed it was not their duty, so they could not complete their jobs.

Technically, they performed the work… but let’s say they went for the easy route. Sure, moving the tree out of the way wasn’t part of the painter’s job description, but he should’ve done it.

Check out the hilarious images, and tell your friends about them.

1. The Ninja Turtles will have to take the next one

2. In case of emergency…

3. When your man says he needs ”guy time”

4. I Love thith threet thign – Mike Tyson

5. When life gives you lemons…

6. Please stand behind the blue line

7. Abstract art

8. A no smoking sign on the moon

9. Time waits for no one

10. Why fit in when you were made to stand out

11. Private parking

12. Gamers love challenges

13. Watch that last step, grandpa

14. Tetris champ

15. The perfect drunk driving test

16. In the end, we all have to take care of our own shit

17. When it rains, it pours

18. When God closes a door, he opens another

19. Definitely not my job!!

20. What a bike!!

21. Visual merchandising skill = Master

22. Take the unexplored path

23. Your new house comes with three bedrooms, four baths, and one ladder

24. The tape is mightier than the welding machine

25. Sorry, not my job!

26. Horizontally mounted doors: For people who like to step out of the house like a turkey out of the oven

27. Trick or treat

28. Not my job!

29. Fixed it!

30. There, it’s done!

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