Three kittens were brought to the Orange County Animal Shelter in need of rescue. They were very timid around people. The group was cowering fearfully and would scamper away if approached too closely by any human assumedly. Because it’s not often that you see animals as afraid or shy as these little guys seemed to be!

Wasabi, the kitten.

Image: Jamie

When the group Baby Kitten Rescue (BKR) heard about the predicament, they offered to help. “The kittens were extremely terrified, unsocial, hissy, and spitty. It was clear they either had no previous human interaction or if they did, it was not positive,” Jamie, a foster volunteer of the BKR, told Love Meow.

“I knew that underneath their rough exterior were just scared little babies wanting to feel safe, cared for, and loved.”

Three timid kittens (Ginger, Pepper, Wasabi) were rescued from the shelter.

Image: Jamie

The kittens were so cute. They were named after spices—Wasabi (seal point), Ginger (torbie), and Pepper (tuxedo). Even though they were estimated to be only six weeks old, they already knew how to stay close by keeping each other warm!

Despite his tiny stature, Wasabi was the sassiest, and he was the only brother. “Wasabi was the spiciest. It was like he took it upon himself to be the protector of the group. He was also the king of the side-eye,” Jamie shared.

Wasabi was the spiciest kitten in his litter.

Image: Jamie

Wasabi and his siblings received a daily cuddle session and plenty of treats as rewards for socialization.

“I wrapped Wasabi up in a burrito, cleaned his eyes, administered some eye meds, and rewarded him with some chicken baby food.”

With just a few days of conditioning, Wasabi had successfully learned how to behave when it came to the time for his daily meal. “While he was still the spiciest of the three kittens, he would fall asleep almost immediately if I swaddled him in a baby blanket.”

Image: Jamie

The kittens were initially very cautious of their people. But over time, they grew more comfortable. By the end, these little creatures had finally found a home with those who loved them unconditionally.

“After two weeks of socializing, they started purring when I would pet them. It took a lot of time and patience leading up to this moment. I think holding them and feeding them treats is what signaled to them they were safe,” Jamie said.

Image: Jamie

With countless hours and a tremendous amount of patience, the kittens went from hissing for their lives to tolerating hugs. All it took was some courage on behalf of these curious cats that had never before experienced affection or attention from humans to seek out petting sessions with people who would stroke them softly while whispering sweet words into each furry ear as if they were an angel come down from heaven itself!

Have a look at Wasabi and his siblings in this cute video:

“They have made such a big transformation from where they were.”

Image: Jamie

Wasabi used to be the most feisty of these three, but now he’s just as mild and easygoing. “There was a point in time when I wasn’t sure if Wasabi would ever stop hissing at me and not be scared of me,” Jamie wrote.

What a happy cat he is! Now, the foster mom can enjoy his purring on her lap while they hang out together.

Wasabi turned into a teddy bear when he realized he was loved.

Image: Jamie

“I’m proud of this little dude. He overcame some big fears. He’s not only social but a total lover. He purrs and seems to really love human affection.”

“The best way to socialize kittens is with food and play. They must have consistent, positive interactions with humans over a long period of time to build trust and safety.”

Image: Jamie

These three little furballs have come a long way and are now ready for their next chapter in life. Wasabi was ready to be adopted for his forever home with Ginger by his side while Pepper found hers too–a loving family of her own!

Ginger and Wasabi are best friends.

Image: Jamie

Jamie shared, “They went from hissing, spitting, swatting, and hiding to purring, playing, and even climbing on me.”

Image: Jamie

“I find that the spiciest ones are just the most scared, and they usually make the biggest turnaround. I’m seeing that with Wasabi.”

Look at them now.

Image: Jamie

It looks like this little kitten, who was thought to be the spiciest of his litter, is just a big softy teddy bear at heart. Share with your buddy and comment below to let us know what you think about this adorable kitty.

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