Do you ever look at a celebrity and think, “Hey, they kind of look like my cat”? Well, you’re not alone! Here are ten celebrities and their cat doppelgangers. Some of these pairs are spot-on, while others are a bit more of a stretch. But either way, it’s fun to see how similar these celebs and cats look! Keep reading for some hilarious side-by-side comparisons.

1. Adam Driver

The cat looks more like Dobby, the house-elf tho.

2. Salvador Dali

The mustache makes the cat look just like Salvador Dali.

3. James Bond

The name’s Bond… James Bond.

4. Albert Einstein

Which one’s the real Einstein?

5. Xena: Warrior Princess

The cat dressed just like Xena, the warrior princess. She’s ready to battle.

6. Adrien Brody

The nose does the job.

7. Charlie Chaplin

8. Adolf Hitler

Cool resemblance to Hilter, who is definitely not a celebrity.

9. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was the first and founding head of the government of Societ Russia.

10. Eugene Levy

Who did it better? I’ll go with the bottom Eugene ‘the kitty’ Levy

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, I think we can all appreciate the hilarity of these furry felines and their celebrity doppelgangers. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And be sure to share with your friends.

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