It’s hard to be a parent. Kids can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Even on the best days, keeping everything together and ensuring your kids are happy and healthy can be tough.

No matter how patient and loving a person may be, there comes a day when every parent just snaps. Today is that day for 50 unlucky parents whose kids have pushed them to their breaking point.

Check out this hilarious list of 50 tweets from parents just having one of those days. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re not one of them!

1. There Was A Friggin Gecko Hiding In My Son’s Toy Spider’s Ass!


2. When You Have Kids In The House

Image: carbornz

3. He Just Wanted A Portrait Of George Washington

Image: Marabakes

4. Mom, I Swear It Wasn’t Me

Image: mshik3

5. She Thought This Was White Water

Image: AyrtonTV

6. If It Fits, It Goes In The Drain

Image: ladyjriggs

7. All Fun And Games Until The Hypothermia Sets In

Image: adamhill1212

8. Now That’s Just A Little Scary

Image: HelenhCarr

9. He Was Too Excited To See His Dad That He Ran Into The Glass Panel

Image: Doocoo26

10. This Kid Got Her Fingers Stuck In A Bench At School, And The Bench Rode With Her To The ER

Image: 1Wineodino

11. Something You Can’t Put On The Fridge

Image: unknown

12. While The World Is Fighting Over TP, My Toddler Is Giving Ours A Bath

Image: dmclb

13. I Complimented My Wife On The Design On The Back Of Her Dress, Not Realizing It Was Our Son’s Vomit

Image: adamdgriffith

14. Someone’s Kid Hung Up The Wet Wipes To Allow Them To Dry

Image: thinkingbell955

15. He Just Followed The Instructions

Image: HenpeckedHal

16. When You Love Slimes

Image: the-artful-bodger

17. To Top It Off, It Was On Her Husband’s Credit Card

Image: BigPimpin91

18. When You Are Vacuuming, And It Stops Suddenly

Image: MeanMugSJ

19. He Thought He Had His Mask In His Pocket, But It Turned Out To Be A Baby Sock

Image: zoltrules

20. Kid Spilled Coffee Grounds All Over

Image: sheriffduwayne

21. He Is Just Cleaning The Mess

Image: 8slipknot8

22. She Squeezed A Bottle Of Powdered Creamer On Her Face

Image: emileif

23. I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

Image: halfthrottle

24. When Your 3-year-Old Loves Biting The Walls

Image: kittiekat1018

25. Son Decided To Swallow A Nickel And Turn $.05 Into $4,400.00

Image: Kingsdontbeg

26. Had A Sneezing Attack (Not Sick) And My Daughter Made Me A ‘Potion’ To Feel Better

Image: pewnanner

27. In Case Her Feet Got Hot

Image: GypsyCub

28. Sorry, Dad, Sister Did It.

Image: UserNameIsBack

29. She Went To The Playground To Play And Found That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

Image: maaalicelaaamb

30. This 14 Yr Old Kid Decided To Stir The Smoothie With A Metal Spoon While The Blender Was Still Blending

Image: DrByNight

31. It’s Okay To Be Sad Sometimes

Image: elspells13

32. Tip: Never Go Into Bathroom With Your Kids

Image: virgoosunmami

33. It Wasn’t Even Double Stuffed smh

Image: littlebluekid

34. Give Her Baby Goat Back

Image: lucyleid

35. I Guess, She Was Trying To Babysit Her In Your Absence

Image: OmoKiikan

36. Kids Did This To Their Doggo, And It Looks Amazing

Image: heisenburgerballs

37. Should I Blow It For Papa?

Image: papaneedscoffee

38. Kid Buys Farts From Amazon

Image: dexter_024

39. How Did He Reach There?

Image: AwaitingCombat

40. Ghost Baby Caught On Crib Monitor!

Image: Fish_Lung

41. I Can’t Hear You, Dad

Image: bwecht

42. 10-year-Old Using His Superpowers

Image: harvilla

43. Louder For The People At Back

Image: JustJJ92

44. Poor kiddo

Image: unknown

45. Playing With The Clippers At 5 AM

Image: passingglans

46. This Kid Said That He Was Hot And Wanted An Ice Cream

Image: PotentialApathy

47. This Mom Who… Well, I Don’t Need To Do Any Explaining Here:

Image: kansa04

48. She Has A New Friend

Image: XplodingUnicorn

49. Hi, Nana!

Image: LauraBaileyVO

50. This Kid Swallowed A Penny While Showing His Little Brother How He Accidentally Swallowed A Sim Key The Day Before

Image: StumpedatUserName

It’s hard to be a parent sometimes. When you think you’ve got things figured out, your kids find a new way to challenge everything you know. And it’s not just the little ones – teenagers can sometimes drive their parents crazy! But we all get through it because we love our kids no matter what they do (or how often they make us want to pull our hair out).

So if you’re having a bad day as a parent, know that you’re not alone. And don’t forget – tomorrow is another day, and it will probably be filled with more laughs and fewer tears. We would love to hear your story in the comments section below. Share this with your friends and buddies.

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