Is it more satisfying than watching someone with a stupid skill nail it? We all know those people who can do things that shouldn’t be possible. They say that taste is all a matter of opinion, and we mostly agree.

But let’s get real here for a moment—some specific things objectively look truly awful on a multiversal, multi-timeline scale. However, despite how tasteless the thing might look, we can still marvel at the amazing craftsmanship that went into making it.

But instead of being embarrassed by their lack of talent, these 50 people used their “unique” abilities to their advantage and executed their ideas flawlessly. From balancing a bottle on their head while playing the violin to eating an apple through a tennis racket, these craziest skills will make you amazed (and maybe a little jealous).

So check out the pics and let us know which impressed you with the craftsmanship. Do you think some of these images don’t deserve the hate they get, and do you think the creators have amazing taste? Let us know in the comments.

1. Shrek Car?

Image: Bubbly_Hat

2. Bauble Head?

Image: TaLDoR_RuMBuX

3. Pretzels Dipped In White Chocolate And Laid On Poppy Seeds Make Up This Delightfully Smoky Charcuterie Board

Image: sfyjnkljc

4. CVS Receipt Scarf

Image: M3D1ATED

5. A Microscopic Toilet Created For A Micrograph Competiton And Yeah Won It

Image: just_minutes_ago

6. Cars Matter

Image: Successful-Milk-1720

7. Bread Beanie

Image: treeshateorcs

8. This Cigarette Dispenser

Image: RagingHomo_DaPenis

9. This Plushie My Friend Brought To School Today

Image: shrombus3

10. This Haircut

Image: Cr1ms0nSlayer

11. Perfect For Aerating The Lawn

Image: xmastreee

12. LoveKraft Macaroni ‘N’ Cthulhu

Image: BolsonaroIsACunt

13. Custom Limousines By Jay Ohrberg

Image: Mlliii

14. Everything About This Bathroom Says I’m Rich & Morbidly Disturbed

Image: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

15. I See Your Denim Boots And Raise You Hiking Stilettos

Image: birdycrow

16. This Armchair With A Touch Of Ussr

Image: FloX04

17. Lobster Flip Flops. 10/10 Would Wear

Image: LydiaAgain

18. Thanks, Now I Hate Eyes

Image: Currynrice9728

19. One Sec, Let Me Grab My Laptop

Image: rightcoastguy

20. Car Ad That I Found

Image: HalfDecentFarmer69

21. These $180 Denim Boots

Image: johnseri451

22. I Have A Skull. I Have A Pineapple. Huh Pineapple-Skull

Image: Supergerauddedinant

23. What Is He Chasing After? Eggs?

Image: LawyerMotor210

24. These Cow Stools, Complete With Udders

Image: Oceana22

25. Next, Applying For A Heliport Code

Image: JohnnyTeardrop

26. I’ve Bean Making Dice

Image: Nolencompany

27. My Friend Has This Ring With An Actual Used Glass Eye In It…

Image: Brojuha

28. TV Cover

Image: Thryloz

29. Creepy Hybrid Hand/Face Sculpture From Wellington, New Zealand

Image: Uncle_Axel21

30. These Roasted Mackerels As A Groom And Wife

Image: dan_sundberg

31. All Her Art It Beautiful, But This One Makes Me Laugh

Image: boinkish

32. I Don’t Know How To Feel About This

Image: DrathNur

33. This Ornament

Image: danistrangeton

34. This Person’s Tattoo

Image: Floodbucket

35. Rice On Your Clothes Is The Most Uncomfy Thing

Image: Dautletty

36. What Would You Like Grandma To Make You For Christmas? Not This!

Image: YourBrainOnFacts

37. Worst Cross Over Ever!

Image: Romulus_Hex

38. This Is Exactly The Lifesize Starving Beggar Lamp I Was Looking For

Image: Smug_amoeba

39. 9/11 Tribute Float

Image: arithmetic

40. Michelin Buddha

Image: rastroboy

41. Gingerbread Crack House

Image: shpritzie

42. Was Told I Should Post My Drag Grinch Look Here

Image: DrAnja

43. This Water-Like Epoxy Floor

Image: uni-versalis

We all know somebody with terrible taste but seems to get away with it. Maybe they wear clothes that are too tight or have an awful sense of color coordination, but people still think they look great for some reason. As irritating as it may be, these people are living proof that you don’t need good taste to be successful.

Here were 43 times people had terrible taste but executed their ideas flawlessly. Which one do you find most irritating?

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