Everyone has their definition of beauty. While society may emphasize looks greatly, the individuals on this list prove that true beauty comes from within. As we age, it’s not just our skin that wrinkles – our hair thins and greys, our bones weaken, and our muscle mass diminishes. But one thing that often gets better with age: Our appearance.

Here are 20 celebrities who haven’t let Father Time catch up to them – they’ve gotten more handsome as they’ve aged!

1. Keanu Reeves — 55 years old

Image: John Wick

2. Jeff Goldblum — 67 years old

Image: jeffgoldblum

3. Paul Rudd — 50 years old

Image: Ant-man and The Wasp

4. Dermot Mulroney — 55 years old

Image: Must Love Dogs

5. Matthew McConaughey — 49 years old

Image: Serenity

6. Tom Hardy — 42 years old

7. Jason Momoa — 40 years old

Image: Ron Galella

8. Christian Bale — 45 years old


9. Mads Mikkelsen — 53 years old

Image: theofficialmads

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger — 72 years old

Image: schwarzenegger

11. Robert Downey Jr. — 54 years old

Image: Chances Are

12. David Beckham — 44 years old

Image: davidbeckham

13. Brad Pitt — 55 years old

Image: Invision/Invision

14. Dylan McDermott — 58 years old

Image: Xavier Collin

15. Tom Cruise — 57 years old

16. Jensen Ackles — 41 years old

Image: Supernatural / CW

17. Johnny Depp — 56 years old

Image: Gael Colliguet

18. Hugh Jackman — 51 years old

Image: Ron Adar

19. Cary Elwes — 57 years old

Image: Jordan Strauss

20. Zac Efron — 32 years old

Image: zacefron

These 20 handsome celebrities prove that age is just a number. They have aged so gracefully, and their mature looks are the envy of every woman in Hollywood! Take a look at these gentlemen below to see how they’ve changed over time–and don’t forget to share which one you find more attractive now than when he was younger.

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