Life’s very delightful unless you are a parent of one or two.

Parenting has been a toilsome experience to all once in a while. Even the most decent child has some mischievous side that their parents have to deal with. You are not officially a kid if you don’t make your parents’ life hell!

The difficulty level varies with each child, and there will always be one who is more difficult than others. You can try heart and soul to make it right and train them towards the right track, but sometimes nothing works. There’s nothing to be worried though. It’s very natural for them to make your life hard; you just have to adjust your way of dealing with it.

We give a bow to the parents who are doing a wonderful job in raising their children. However, we also appreciate the effort if you are in utmost confusion and getting clueless every day. First, it’s perfectly alright if you are not the picture-perfect parent everyone expects. Children will play around on their terms no matter how perfectly you want to raise them. It is only natural for them to throw tantrums when they can’t do something.

You may call it a bad day when you function poorly in your job or household chores, but let us assure you that you are nowhere near a “bad day.” Some people struggle daily with their toddlers, and we created a list of parents having a troublesome day.

We are sure these will bring a smile to your face!

1. Give her baby goat back.

2. Kids are innocent.

3. Tip: Never go into the bathroom with your kids.

4. It’s okay to be sad sometimes.

5. I guess she was trying to babysit her in your absence.

6. Kids did this to our doggo, and it looks amazing.

7. Should I blow it for Papa?

8. Kid wanted to shop online.

9. Contemplating how did he reach there?

10. Mom thought there was a ghost baby in her baby’s crib; turned out it was the mattress sticker.

11. I can’t hear you, dad.

12. 10-year-old using his superpowers.

13. Louder for the people at back.

14. Poor kiddo.

15. What they did to themselves last night.

16. When you are angry.

17. When you spend the whole day creating the walkway but you have a 1 y/o at home.

18. She has a new friend.

19. Oh, so nana lives in the walls.

20. This kid swallowed a penny while showing his little brother how he swallowed the sim card key.

21. There was a friggin gecko hiding in my son’s toy spider’s ass!

22. This is what happens when you have kids at home.

23. He wanted a picture of George Washington.

24. Who did this?

25. She just wanted to check the “white water.”

26. What? A screwdriver?

27. Never trust the toddlers.

28. Can it be any worse?

29. He was too excited to see his dad that he ran into the glass panel.

30. Kids love putting their fingers inside holes.

31. Now, mom will tell you how best she is.

32. The world is fighting over toilet paper and this kid decided to bath them.

33. I complimented my wife on the design on the back of her dress, not realizing it was our son’s vomit.

34. This kid decided to hang up the wet wipes so they could dry.

35. He just followed the instructions.

36. When you love slimes.

37. Who needs a happy meal?

38. When you are vacuuming, and it suddenly stops working.

39. He thought he had his mask in his pocket, but it turned out to be a baby sock.

40. Kid spilled coffee grounds all over.

41. He is just cleaning the mess.

42. She squeezed a bottle of powdered creamer on her face.

43. Paying $39.35 to hold your baby after his birth??

44. When your 3-year-old loves biting the walls.

45. Son decided to swallow a nickel and turn $.05 into $4,400.00.

46. When you feel sick and your daughter decides to make a potion for you.

47. She cuts holes in her socks just in case her feet get hot. What an idea!

48. Perfect canvas for drawing.

49. She went to the playground to play and found out the whole playground had been removed.

50. Daughter decided to blend the smoothies with a spoon while the blender was on.

51. How did you get up there?

Did any of these photographs remind you of your childhood? If you have, please share it with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear how mischievous you were as a kid.

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