Longtime Supporting Character Larry the Barfly Dies in Latest Episode

Fans of the long-running animated series The Simpsons were in for a surprise this past weekend when the show killed off a supporting character who had been around since the first episode.

Larry the Barfly, a regular patron at Moe's Tavern, debuted in the 1989 Christmas-themed series premiere "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire." After over three decades as a background character, the series revealed in the latest episode, "Cremains of the Day," that Larry, voiced by Harry Shearer, had passed away.

Larry is no more

While Larry had been a fixture at the bar alongside more prominent drunks like Barney Gumble, very little was known about the character beyond his fondness for alcohol and occasional incoherent muttering. The episode explored the surprising history of the previously obscure Larry, whose full name was revealed to be Lawrence Dalrymple.

Larry the Barfly in the back standing in the doorframe

Fans React with Surprise and Humor

Simpsons fans took to social media to express shock and amusement at the news of Larry's demise. Many joked about the character's lack of prominence, with one quipping, "Whenever Larry isn't onscreen, everybody should be asking, 'Where's Larry?'" Another commented that they hoped to learn more about the character since "we aren't going to see him again.

"Some found the revelation of Larry's lonely life and death to be "really f***ing sad and tragic." The show's co-showrunner Matt Selman poked fun at the series' decision to make a big deal out of killing off such a minor player, asking, "Who will die this Sunday on @TheSimpsons?" while highlighting the show's main characters.

Even The Simpsons' official social media account got in on the fun, posting an image of Homer and Larry enjoying "Angel Wings" together in the afterlife. Despite the attention, many fans admitted they didn't know the character's name before his death.

A Familiar Face Departs, Others Return

While The Simpsons has culled some less popular supporting characters over the years, the series has also brought back iconic figures like the French bowler Jacques.

Larry's demise marks the end of an era for one of the show's longest-running background players, leaving an empty barstool at Moe's Tavern.

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