Have you ever seen an animal that looks so unique that you can’t help but do a double-take? Here are 16 animals with some pretty amazing features you might not have seen before. From the cat with moustaches to the wondering cat, these creatures are sure to amaze and amuse you!

Scroll down to behold these amazing animals.

1. Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to get your morning started

Image: Samhaseyebrows

2. Why so serious?

Image:  imgur

3. Cinnamon Roll Cat

Image: FaustinoA49 / reddit

4. Button’s mane is getting out of control

Image:  imgur

5. Horse with a horse-shaped patch 🐎

Image: PR3DA7oR / reddit

6. Good morning, everyone!

Image: BanYe- OMG Cattttツ

7. This calf has a perfect-shaped heart on its head

Image: gill__gill / reddit

8. Such perfect eyebrows, damn!

Image: Instagram

9. Feed me, please!

Image: Instagram

10. Sit down, we need to talk

Image: Instagram

11. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen today

Image: Instagram

12. And you never saw a cat with a mustache, right?

Image: Hamilton the Hipster Cat

13. This cat can even smile at you from behind

Image: Cowley / reddit

14. When nature runs out of black ink

Image: Honeyflowers / reddit

15. Hitler, is that you?

Image:  imgur

16. This cat must have a secret identity

Image:  imgur

Out of all of these creatures, which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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