Brand names can be tricky to pronounce. Sometimes they sound different than you expect, or the company name is difficult to say correctly.

Here are thirteen popular brand names that you may be pronouncing incorrectly.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve been saying them wrong for years – many people do! But now that you know how to say them correctly, you can impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge of branding.

Ready to learn? Let’s go!

1. Adidas

2. Nike

3. Adobe

4. Asus

5. Benetton

6. Hermes

7. Lamborghini

8. Louis Vuitton

9. Renault

10. Stella Artois

11. Van Heusen

12. Yves Saint Laurent

13. Volkswagen

In this blog post, we’ve shared 13 popular brands you may have pronounced incorrectly. We hope it has helped to clear up some confusion and given you a few chuckles along the way. With any luck, knowing how these well-known companies are pronounced will help when talking about them in person or on social media!

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