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Ferrari Reveals Their First SUV

Ferrari has revealed the Purosangue, the brand's first nod toward the popularity of SUVs. The Purosangue, or "thoroughbred" in Italian, is a crossover with a low center of gravity than an SUV. It looks more like a taller variation of the GTC4 Lusso hatchback, despite having practical elements such as...

The 25 Greatest Supercars Of The 21st Century, So Far

The automotive industry is in a state of constant change, but it seems that younger generations don’t see these advancements as opportunities. ride-sharing platforms have made car ownership obsolete for many people looking to rely on them less and less every day while also taking time out from their...

13 Famous Brand Names You’re Probably Mispronouncing

Brand names can be tricky to pronounce. Sometimes they sound different than you expect, or the company name is difficult to say correctly. Here are thirteen popular brand names that you may be pronouncing incorrectly. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been saying them wrong for years – many people...

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