It’s hard to believe that Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly are not sisters.

The two actresses look so much alike. If you’re like me, you probably get confused about which Margot Robbie is which. I mean, there’s Margot Robbie, actress, and Margot Robbie, Joker’s girlfriend in Suicide Squad… right?

Well, it turns out that some of her fans are just as confused as I am, mistaking her for Jaime Pressly! Check out the hilarious tweets below to see what I mean.

Let’s hope this settles things once and for all. Who do you think looks more like Margot Robbie – Jaime Pressly or the actress? I can’t tell them apart!

Keep scrolling for some side-by-side comparisons. You may be surprised!

Margot Robbie on the left, Jaime Pressly on the right

If these comparison photos left you even more confused, there’s proof they are not the same person. Last year, the two famous actors finally met and were as surprised as we were by their similarities.

And this is how fans react who have just discovered the truth.

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We always hear about how celebrities who play siblings onscreen look much alike in real life. But what about when two unrelated celebs share an uncanny resemblance?

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