Wildlife photography is an interesting and challenging genre. Looking at the world through a lens, Capturing the natural beauty of animals in their native habitat can be both exhilarating and frustrating. The CEWE Photo Award celebrates this beauty, with photographers from all over the globe submitting their work for consideration.

These photos by CEWE award winners are a testament to the skill and patience required to excel in this field. They remind us that there is still much to be explored in the natural world and that we should never take its wonders for granted.

So without further ado, let’s look at these amazing photos.

1. Mother’s Love by Dikye Ariani

Photograph: Dikye Ariani / The CEWE Photo Award

It’s feeding time! Mother bird lines up her chicks for breakfast in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. Winter nap by Grzegorz Bukalski

Photograph: Grzegroz Bukalski / The CEWE Photo Award

Frosty afternoon! A fox cub finds a sheltered corner for an afternoon nap in Gorczanski National Park in Poland.

3. Intelligenz unter der Wasseroberfläche by Susan Moritz

Photograph: Susan Moritz / The CEWE Photo Award

Under the sea! An octopus in Bremerhaven, Germany, draws comparisons to a mythical creature.

4. Lesnou cestičkou by Lucia Blašková

Photograph: Lucia Blašková / The CEWE Photo Award

On an adventure! A curious hedgehog looks ahead. Captured in Slovakia.

5. Sonnendach by Arlette Magiera

Photograph: Arlette Magiera / The CEWE Photo Award

Taking shelter! A baby owl finds comfort and refuge under a large leaf in Usingen, Germany.

6. Von Mama gekuesst by Thorsten Hanewald

Photograph: Thorsten Hanewald / The CEWE Photo Award

Motherly affection! A baby giraffe gets some love from its mum. Captured in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

7. Ohhhh Nein by Doris Dörfler-Asmus

Photograph: Doris Dorfler Asmus / The CEWE Photo Award

Oh no! A squirrel panics after dropping its morning snack. Photographed in Bavaria, Germany.

8. Kiekeboe by Tilly Meijer

Photograph: Tilly Meijer / The CEWE Photo Award

Peek a boo! A bear looks through a perfectly shaped hole in Spijkenisse, Netherlands.

9. Affenliebe by Michael Milfeit

Photograph: Michael Milfeit / The CEWE Photo Award

The look of love! A baby orangutan in Germany looks adoringly at its parent.

10. Seifenblasen Piranha by Jennifer Freytag

Photograph: Jennifer Freytag / The CEWE Photo Award

Bubbles of fun! A bulldog puppy enjoys playing with bubbles on its walk. The photo was taken in Neunkirchen, Austria.

11. Hier kommt die Maus by Julian Rad

Photograph: Julian Rad / The CEWE Photo Award

Jumping for joy! A mouse rushed along with dinner in its mouth, photographed in Vienna, Austria.

Wildlife photography is a beautiful way to capture the untamed majesty of nature. The winners of the CEWE Award have done a fantastic job at showcasing the beauty and power of creatures great and small. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these stunning photos as much as we have, and if you did, please share them with your friends. As always, thanks for reading!

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