Nature is full of beauty and wonder, but it can sometimes be mysterious. Mother Nature has a weird sense of humor and enjoys playing tricks on us humans. These 20 photographs are a perfect example of that!

You expect things to grow and change predictably, and you’re left wondering what happens when they don't. So, stay tuned for more examples of the mysterious ways that nature works its magic!

1. This Nike that we found while hiking

Image:  jurgo4509 / Reddit

2. This stripe of ivy in an alley where a building lets some light through

Image:  ohmesrv / Reddit

3. The way these blue morpho butterflies are sitting

Image:  GingerGinny / Reddit

4. A naturally rose-shaped turkey tail mushroom

Image: sourbee / Reddit

5. Woke up this morning to find an interesting (natural) ice sculpture in the garden

Image: pixeljuggle / Reddit

6. Succu-excellence — nature is rad

Image: Lukalastrat / Reddit

7. A leaf I found on my walk today

Image: tsFiin3 / Reddit

8. The pattern the ice left on my grill

Image:  RSL1234567 / Reddit

9. This naturally colored orange

Image: weewone / Reddit

10. Just saw this car filled with nature in a parking lot in Tokyo

Image:  Unknown / Imgur

11. After cutting a stick of butter, the residue looks like a winter nature scene, stream, and all

Image:  deepbluesilence / Reddit

12. The colors in this piece of agate look like a sunset over the ocean

Image: Proteon / Imgur

13. Nature is watching us

Image: PerspectiveFriendly / Reddit

14. Naturally growing colorful corn

Image: hussainoid / Reddit

15. The way the frost highlights the sculpture

Image: shawneffel / Reddit

16. Striking natural red spessartine garnet from Brazil with detailed natural ’’etching’’ due to inconsistent crystal growth!

Image: leakytoquito / Reddit

17. These perfect raindrops formed on my strawberry plant

Image: MissScatties / Reddit

18. This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park

Image: duchess_of_nope / Reddit

19. The petals of this camellia flower

Image: ewilio / Reddit

20. This naturally occurring perfect cube of pyrite from Spain

Image: snackmanstan / Reddit

It’s amazing to see nature's intricate ways, and even more incredible when we can capture it on film.

These 20 photographs prove that nature is a master of disguise and always works in mysterious ways. We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we did! Share them with your friends to show off mother nature’s handiwork.

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