What’s cuter than a bunny? A whole island of bunnies, that’s what!

Believe it or not, such an island exists and is worth visiting. This magical place teems with furry creatures that are so adorable that you’ll want to take them all home. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable animal-filled adventure, add The Bunny Island to your travel itinerary.

Ōkunoshima is a small Japanese island located in the Inland Sea. It’s about two and a half miles in diameter and can be walked in about an hour and a half. The environment is grassy, with a beach resort, natural lookouts, and piers. But, except for the hundreds of feral European rabbits that wander the island, not many people can call this tourist attraction home.

Ōkunoshima, dubbed “Rabbit Island,” has grown in popularity since a video of a lady being stampeded by bunnies went viral in 2014. Other social media posts and videos of swarms of bunnies have attracted tourists to the island since then.

Tourists are requested not to hurt, frighten or abuse the bunnies. And it would be best if people didn’t bring their cats and dogs on this trip because they might cause panic among these furry creatures.

No one knows how the rabbits got to the island in the first place. Around 1929, the Japanese government secretly tested poison gas on Ōkunoshima. The infamous locale was sometimes called “Poison Gas Island,” which was erased from Japanese maps to keep the operation under wraps. Rabbits were brought to the island as test subjects for the chemical weapons, and some people speculate the animals there now are descendants of the originals. But experts say the test rabbits were euthanized after operations shut down.

Some people think the original island rabbits were pets set free by school kids. However, rabbits have litters of up to 12 babies, called kits, and can sometimes have a litter as often as every month. Without any predators, the numbers of bunnies just kept increasing, so Okunoshima soon became Rabbit Island! It’s thought that hundreds, if not thousands, of bunnies now make the island their home.

The island is home to some gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, and an old hotel with ruins from military sites. There’s also a museum dedicated to the rabbits that live here! Tourists can play golf on one of two courses or take advantage of other activities like strawberry picking when they visit this unique destination for nature lovers across Europe.

Food for rabbits is sold everywhere, but visitors prefer bringing carrots and lettuce from home to feed the bunnies of this country are some of the friendliest you will ever meet! They love visitors and often follow them around in herds. But, of course, the best way to get a photo with one is to ask.

If you want to see these adorable bunnies in person, now is the time to visit – their numbers are declining, and they may not be around much longer. So the next time you’re looking for an exciting day trip destination, consider Ōkunoshima – it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

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