Oddly satisfying refers to any kind of sighting, either picture or video, that’s incredibly satisfying to look at. There’s something about seeing things in their perfect state that is oddly satisfying. Maybe it’s when we see the order behind the chaos or when everything is in its rightful place.

If you’re the person who is never quite happy with anything they do, then you’ll love this list of 50 oddly satisfying things. From perfectly symmetrical patterns to ridiculously intricate drawings, these tasks keep your inner perfectionist busy for hours. So go ahead and indulge in some fun!

1. First Prize Winning Dahlia, Grown By My Dad

Image: felix_rae

2. Who Wants Some Beautiful Eggs

Image: freewill-lastwish

3. A Perfectly Timed Pic Of The Moon From Mie Prefecture, Japan

Image: Narendra_17

4. Pattern Formed By Beautifully Aligned Leaves! Almost Looks Like An Illusion!

Image: dipdaabyss

5. These Two Cats Sleeping

Image: UnsizedVajra33

6. Cubic Window During Different Times Of Day

Image: solateor

7. Beach Candy (Sea Rocks)

Image: feelingood41

8. Mother Nature Slowly Reclaiming The Land, Disappearing Train Tracks

Image: Fluid-Daydreamer

9. This Photo Of Thousands Of Crows Atop Of Snow Covered Trees, Illuminated By Street Lights Underneath.

Image: Fluid-Daydreamer

10. This Fluffy Rainbow Color Cake

Image: earthmoonsun

11. A Little Slice Of The Sea – Drawn In Pencil

Image: AKinderSea

12. Matsumoto Castle On A Winter Night, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Image: unloadedquake

13. Beautiful Cable Management…

Image: Cyb3rw0rM1

14. The Dog I’m Dogsitting Looks Exactly Like Her Food

Image: Captainsboot

15. Shades Of Blue Highlight This San Francisco Victorian Home

Image: d3333p7

16. This House On A Lake

Image: RampChurch

17. This Pattern Out Of Snow On A Patio Table

Image: HyperDude1905

18. Camouflage Master

Image: GraveBreath

19. A Dandelion Bouquet

Image: Boojibs

20. This Cabin In The Heart Of Winter And Edge Of Night

Image: asolitarycandle

21. Stained Glass Living Room

Image: Boojibs

22. The Way The Snow Rolled Down On My Windshield

Image: sigmar_ernir

23. When Constant Winds And Ice Meet A Fence

24. Cat Looking Out A Window Becomes A Mythical Tree Creature

Image: deathakissaway

25. The Way Mom’s Key Lime Pie Came Out of The Oven

Image: jessiquita1216

26. Wooden Table With Double Helix Legs

Image: d3333p7

27. Black On Black VW Bus

Image: d3333p7

28. A Cornucopia Of Mushrooms

Image: Boojibs

29. Old Trunks And Suitcases On Custom Shelves Are A Cool Storage Solution

Image: sayknow

30. I’m Finally Done Clearing Out My Depression Nest Of A Garage

Image: Rosebudsi

31. This Sashimi Roll!

Image: AgeanAir

32. This Beautiful Piece Of Pie

Image: gourdhorder

33. Wintry Layers Of The Sea Of Japan Shoreline

Image: beersjob

34. This Welding Job

Image: d3333p7

35. 14 Wind Turbines Aligned In A Row In Nevada

Image: blazecapt24

36. Focaccia Bread Out Of The Oven, Per Request

Image: havkson

37. Street Art By Artist David Zinn

Image: Raymands

38. Stacked Slabs Of Snow

Image: dittidot

39. The Way These Wires Flow

Image: rosseepoo

40. My Community Just Applied A New Seal Coat On The Pavement


41. Unusable Pool Transformed Into Looking Like New

42. Making A Mosaic With Autumn Leaves

Image: PorkyPain

43. This Piece Of Art Created Only Folding And Creasing Of Paper

Image: d3333p7

44. The Way The Frost Highlights The Sculpture

Image: shawneffel

45. This Is How You Handle A Broken Vase That Meant The World To You.

Image: Ellekm730

46. The Colors And Lines

Image: tobago_88

47. River Of Flowers, Netherlands

Image: MTPokitz

48. Us Postal Service Floor Tiles

Image: Haelfyr_Snoball

49. Yogurt Arrangement At This Market

Image: Palifaith

50. Orca Whale Captured At The Perfect Moment

Image: d3333p7

While we can’t promise that looking at these 50 oddly satisfying things will solve all of your problems, it might just help soothe your inner perfectionist. We hope you enjoyed scrolling through this list as much as we enjoyed putting it together! So what was your favorite oddly satisfying thing?

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