Packaging is designed to protect and preserve the product it contains, but sometimes it goes too far. It’s hard to find something recyclable in today’s world, but what about when everything you see–from the product to the packaging it comes in–is designed to be disposable? I’m not going to lie, when I came across these photos of unnecessarily packaged products, I laughed. But then I got angry. Why do companies think that this is okay? Seriously, who came up with some of this stuff? And more importantly, why? It’s wasteful, and it’s unnecessary.

Scroll down to see the very worst offenders and let us know in the comments what the very worst example was that you’ve seen with your own two eyes Trust us, you’re going to need it.

1. Really… Amazon…?

Image: EyeMucus

2. Individually Packaged Slice Of Bread

Image: boci7

3. Disposable Phone Chargers

Image: cunt_in_a_toupee

4. Must-Have Been Out Of Envelopes

Image: mhenning

5. So I Only Get This Much Actual Cream?

Image: Youknowh0Report

6. Big Box For A Small Bottle With Only Enough Pills To Fill The Cap. Lame

Image: FriedChildren

7. Just… Why?

Image: ryanmacbern

8. There Was Nothing In This Box But A Card And Packing Material

Image: magenta_zero

9. If Only Shallots Had Natural Layers Of Protection From Their Environment. Thanks, Walmart And Suppliers

Image: vlgpyro

10. When You Run Out Of Small Boxes At The Package Station, But If You Go Get More You’re Pack Rate Percentage Will Go Into The Yellow

Image: stoner_97

11. Peeled Avocados Wrapped In Plastic

Image: averhaegen

12. I Find This Disgusting, Lazy, And So Damn Harmful To Both The Environment And The Consumer’s Psyche…

Image: DKCD

13. Ordered 150 Washers. This Is How They Were Packaged

Image: CoolBeansCook

14. Buddy Bought Two Mini Cast Irons From Amazon

Image: Tokin_Bs

15. Not Only Is It Egregious, But It’s Infuriating

Image: LosPenguiinos

16. I Bought A Nail File

Image: mobydick1990

17. For Crying Out Loud…

Image: TheBlueJacket1

18. Hopefully, 2020 Brings Less Of This

Image: ThyfaultTime

19. Because Mascara Is Fragile. Thanks, Sephora!

Image: shirumb

20. This 0.7 Ml Dogs’ Anti-Flea And Anti-Tick Drops Straight Out Of The Box

Image: MajorPancernik

21. Ordered A Tube Of Thermal Paste

Image: Buge_

22. Tiny Little Amount Of Eyeliner In A Huge Plastic Container

Image: l1ttle_m0nst3r

23. Hi Y’all, I'm A Designer At Tic-Tac. Hope You Enjoy Our Newest Optimized Design For Tic-Tacs!

Image: pokefinder2

24. How They Sell Bananas In Japan. Bonus: If You Don’t Explicitly Decline, The Cashier Will Give You Another Bag For The Banana

Image: JohnnyPopcorn

25. Technically Correct!

Image: OklahomaMeat

26. Individually-Wrapped Bread Slices

Image: schematicboy

27. This Tea That I Got For Christmas

Image: kitimiti

28. My Friend Ordered Earrings From Fabfitfun. Just Earrings

Image: UCantHaveNEPudding

29. Sephora At It Again For A .05oz Concealer

Image: OldTownChode

30. Ordered Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes From A Zero Waste Store – Came In 100% Non-Degradable Bubble Wrap And Plastic Bags

Image: jazz_man

31. Not Sure If This Counts, But This Is For Only Three Things At CVS

Image: michael_kessell2018

32. Soda Cans Are Very Fragile

Image: cheeseball359

33. Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting

Image: DrunkenStapler

34. Matryoshka Allergy Relief

Image: Bertram_Chillfoyle

35. Plastic Packaging For A CD Disk... but Without A CD Disk In It

Image: britishtacox

Our list of 35 unnecessarily fancy packagings may have made you laugh, but there’s a serious side to this. Our world is changing every day. Getting polluted in every possible way with plastics and other non-biodegradable elements. It should be our main concern to save the world by raising our voices against plastic pollution.

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section, and thank you for being with us.

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