How would you like to wake up feeling superhuman every day? It's possible, but it will take some effort on your part. Set aside six months and focus on developing these habits; you'll be unrecognizable by the end.

1. Wake up at 4:00 am.

Win your morning, and you'll win the day. Happy humans have one rule; "work while others sleep."

Morning hours set the tone of the day; that's why you should;

• Make your bed

• Take a glass of cold water (or 2)

• Set on a morning walk

• Take a quick cold shower

• Fast through the first 3 hours of the day

2. Work out

Make the horse (body) and the rider (mind) work together. Nobody ever had a bad day off the gym.

You can build your chest, arms, and legs so easily.

Steal my idea;

• Hit push-ups ( 10×5)

• Reverse dips ( 10×10)

• Squats (10×20)

• Mountain climbers (10×10)

40 minutes of acute training is enough per day.

3. Plan your day

We all have 168 hours a week. Make 80% of your time help you grow.

Here's a hack to win your day; separate your day into 4 quarters:

• Mornings (5-9 am)

• Late morning (10am-1pm)

• Afternoon (2-7 pm)

• Nights (7 pm +)

This will help you;

• Track your day

• Improve productivity

• Create unbreakable habits

4. Have 6 hours of focused work

Working 12 hours a day is overrated. The hustle economic wants to steal your sanity.

Join the 1% club and grab your optimal focus this way;

• Eat healthy

• Drink 3 litres of water

• Sleep 5+ hours

• Chase a purpose

• Keep your body fit

Fix the basics and you'll be among the few humans who don't complain.

5. Read good books

Life has no written manual. Reading is never fun but it's so addictive.

Spare your morning and evening hours;

• Have a 50 mins reading

• Grab a pen and a notebook

• Simplify the main idea

• Apply the knowledge

Great minds are obsessed with learning

Read after and before bed for;

• Enhanced sleep

• Improved memory

• Improved general knowledge

• Reduced anxiety & depression.

And by the way, never trust a friend who hates reading.

Here are some great books to read if you want to be mentally strong.

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