This Canadian family was enjoying their time doing some groceries with their six-month-old baby. They were having a good time. Everyone was happy. All of a sudden, an overbearing Karen showed up and tried to ruin it all. The husband returned to her by being polite while shopping, but not too kind–just enough so she would leave them alone!

Wanna hear the whole story in detail? Scroll down to read the whole story as told by the wife.

They are a total gem. The husband is described incredibly. The energy they were emitting was very calming, positive, and nurturing. And hearing such a description, anyone would feel protected in his presence. This makes sense because he has this great protective energy about him, and I can understand why people would be intimidated by what they see as an intimidating person (hubby).

There’s a type of person who doesn’t let you explain. They rush up to your face and start commanding as if they own the place! It’s interesting how much people never realize what they’re doing or sound so bad-tempered even when talking about something completely indifferent like an obligation owed them. But there are those whose sensitivity makes it easy for them – not letting things stay inside our heads forever; getting back at those ill-mannered folks by giving out their best treatment upon first meeting.

We can’t say we blame the aggressive Karen for her lack of success in this situation. To be honest, if she had only asked politely instead of going absolutely nuts and throwing items onto shelves without even trying, things would have turned out better than expected!

We all have these days where we feel like nothing is going our way. It’s inevitable, and while it might seem like a good idea at the time to lash out in anger – which can be tempting given how much control you lose when doing so- sometimes this only makes things worse for yourself as well as those around us who don’t deserve having their lives turned upside down by someone else’s inability or unwillingness.

That is why they say the most important skill to master is communication skill. If we invest more in improving our communication skills and anger management, half of our problems are solved, and we win in life.

You’ve been caught doing something you know is wrong. Now what? That was rather embarrassing, but definitely, a lesson learned. When someone’s yelling profanities at top of their lungs, it doesn’t matter who they are describing as long as those around them can hear the words coming out with an embarrassed tone in your voice. Because that person will be showing everyone else how bad off etiquette truly makes him/her seem by reactivating old memories about being treated poorly.

That must have been an awful experience for Karen. I’m sorry that happened to you, but at least now we know how she gets her kicks! Did any of our readers ever come across this kind of situation?! We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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