Do you ever watch the shows you used to watch as a kid and wonder how the shows' creators came up with such characters who do stupid things? Well, I do. And when I look around myself or scroll through my browser, I can see people who are the inspirations for these characters. Yes, real people do very stupid things.

Who doesn’t make a mistake? Everyone does. In this age of the internet, it is not easy to forget when something stupid is shared on the web. It keeps coming back. These proofs of stupidity will remain forever here. Sometimes I wonder, did these people not check what they were posting?

If you want to feel like a smart person with fewer stupid things done, you, my friend, are at the right place. Relax, scroll down a bit and let’s take a look.

#1. She should have realized that guys would never dress so well for a shopping visit.

#2. I only wish the Police were this observant in every scenario.

#3. I reckon removing the ceiling might not be worth it at all.

#4. Ah yes, The titanic star is a great painter. Did you not see him painting Rose?

#5. Yes, this guy poured out all the chicken stock that took so long to cook.

#6. This guy’s brother thought Christmas Squid existed.

#7. Those mirrored glasses sure do look very fancy.

#8. Did she think she was getting a mugshot?

#9. Nobody can be this dumb, right?

#10. Has this girl never seen a shark in her life?

#11. But why would anyone do that?

#12. Is this person nine years old?

#13. If only charging stations worked like that.

#14. How did he not correct you all this time?

#15. Who knows? She might be a synth, and they don’t serve any synths there.

#16. Did this person not think before writing this?

#17. This person needs to return to the 1st grade and learn about water.

#18. To be honest, smoking a Capri sun does sound like a great idea.

#19. But why? Why would you do something so stupid?

#20. Either she can’t read English, or she likes the risk.

#21. Leaving the key in the door handle would have been a better hiding place.

#22. I can imagine how embarrassed they must be.

#23. Best mistake of the century?

#24. Oh wow, I wonder how blind people drive though.

Do you have any stories about stupidity you want to share? Why not comment on them down below, as we are always up for a good laugh?

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