It’s no secret that employers who mistreat their employees can get away with it. But did you know that there are consequences for these bad bosses? A recent study found that companies that have a poor track record of employee treatment are more likely to go bankrupt. So if your boss is being a jerk, don’t worry – they will probably get what’s coming to them.

Have you ever had a job where your boss was rude to you? I have, and it wasn’t fun. It was pretty much the worst experience ever. But what I found interesting is that my boss wasn’t always rude to me. He would be nice to other people in the office, but he would constantly yell at me and belittle me. It was like he thought I was purposely trying to mess up everything he worked hard on. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation before, and it’s not fun.

Think about the last time your boss made you stay late at work, even though you had done everything you were supposed to. Or maybe they screamed at you in front of your co-workers for no reason. If that’s ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating it can be when your employer doesn’t seem to respect or care about their employees. Unfortunately, these types of employers often get away with mistreating their staff because most people are too afraid to speak up against them. But that’s about to change…

This employee had broken bones in his foot and needed to sit down and work to let it heal. He wasn’t prepared for the messages he was about to receive from his boss. Things escalated from there!

Instead of asking the employee to explain, his boss was angry right from the beginning!
But the employee had explained it and was now quite surprised by how he was being treated. He couldn’t believe what he read next.
Not surprisingly, the employee decided he’d had enough!

Do you know those employers who are always rude to their employees? The ones who never say thank you and constantly bark orders? Well, it’s not just bad for employee morale – it can also have legal consequences. According to a recent study, employers who are rude to their employees can be sued for creating a hostile work environment. So the next time your boss starts barking at you, remember that you could be getting ready to take them to court.

I don’t understand why employers think being rude to employees is okay. It’s not like the employees will quit if they’re treated poorly. Employees are more likely to work harder if they’re being mistreated. So what’s the point? Rudeness doesn’t make anyone look good. Employers should try being nicer to their employees and see how much better everyone will feel. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do!

People in the comments were supportive of how the employee handled the situation.
Sometimes a job just isn’t worth it!
Nobody deserves to be treated like this.

The employee shared some parting words with the commenters. He clarified why he was so quick to quit and thanked everyone for their support. He’s getting ready to look for a new job after he takes some well-earned time off. Here’s what he wrote on Reddit.

I’m going to say it’s impossible for me to answer all the comments, so I’m going to try and shed a little light here.

I was working for a healthy living fulfillment warehouse (I’m not going to be specific because I value mine and my families privacy). I packed orders, just as simple as that. Pay was ok for the area (16/hr), although the COL is fairly high here.

I’m done being bullied by anyone. I went through horrid abuse as a child and adult (plenty of that on my profile so I’m not getting into it here). People that want you to be a part of their organization or family will treat you accordingly. People like my former boss and family treat people like they own them, and it’s our responsibility to show them that they absolutely do not.

My immediate family has had a hard couple years, but we are ok now. We live in a converted 5th wheel that we remodeled ourselves, and we trimmed our monthly expenses so that we didn’t need to make tons of money to survive. We saved enough to go without working for a couple months just in case something happened. It’s not a ton, but food will be on the table and our utilities will stay on.

I applied to several places yesterday. But I think I’m going to take a week off. The park near our house has a lot of garbage and I’ve wished that I had more time to clean it up a little as our kids love it there, so that’s how ill spend my week before getting back to the grind. I just want to give something back.

I’m overwhelmed at the support from y’all. Fucking incredible. I opened up my app last night and wow o wow I’ve never seen so many awards on a post (guys, I’m incredibly thankful, but please save your money, this is just too much). The really big thing is so many people reaching out to me about finding a job. There are offers from everywhere and I’m hoping to find one close to us. Would be nice to work somewhere that really gets it.

There are opportunities out there. Don’t settle for being treated as less than human. We are better than that. We are what makes the world go round. It doesn’t matter what they are selling if there is no one to man the stores, answer the phones, or take out the garbage. Their dreams hinge on us more so than ours do on them.

Thank you, reddit. Thank you so much for the support. I will be replying to the DMs I was sent because they are just more manageable.

You guys are incredible. I reached out almost two years ago for support and 1000s of strangers grabbed my hands and told me it would be ok. Y’all were right. I’m ok enough to know my worth again. I am living as my best self, for my family. Thank you for being here for us, I can’t express how much it means.


Commenters were very supportive.
Have you ever felt that a job sometimes isn’t worth having? What would you do?

Bad bosses are, unfortunately, a reality of life. But what happens when those bad bosses cross the line and start treating their employees badly? Too often, these employers get away with it scot-free. This needs to change. Employees should not have to put up with being treated poorly by their boss.

If you’re an employer who is mistreating your employees, you should be penalized. And I’m not just talking about a slap on the wrist – I’m talking about losing your job entirely. So shape up, employers! It’s time to start treating your employees better.

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