Whether you’re a fan of cartoons or not, you have to admit that they can be pretty entertaining. And while most people know all the classic cartoon characters, do you think some of these cartoon characters may be clones of celebrities?

That’s right – even your favorite characters might have doppelgangers out there. So if you’re curious to know which ones, keep reading!

Captain Hook from Peter Pan after And Mandy Patinkin

© The Princess Bride / 20th Century Fox, © Peter Pan / Walt Disney

Doutzen Kroes And Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

© Face To Face / Reporter / East News, © Sleeping Beauty

Haley Joel And Shaggy Scooby-Doo

© iPhoto / Face To Face / East News, © Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Sandra Bullock And Carmen Sandiego

© AP Photo / Tammie Arroyo, © Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? / WGBH

Tarzan And Mel Gibson

© Paramount Pictures / East News, © Tarzan / Walt Disney

Kristoff from Frozen And Logan Paul

© iamitech / reddit, © Frozen / Walt Disney

Will Poulter And Sid From Toy Story

© Capital Pictures / East News, © Toy Story / Walt Disney

Pocahontas And Julia Jones

© Byron Purvis / AdMedia / Capital Pictures / East News, © Pocahontas / Walt Disney

Christina Hendrix And Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

© Rolf Mueller / Face To Face / East News, © Who Framed Roger Rabbit? / Walt Disney

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau From Game Of Thrones And Prince Charming From Shrek

© Game of Thrones / HBO, © Shrek 2 / Dreamworks Pictures

Zac Effron And Hiccup From How To Train Your Dragon

© Collection Christophel / East News, © How To Train Your Dragon / Paramount Pictures

Gillian Anderson And Lois Griffin From Family Guy

© X Files / East News, © Family Guy / 20th Century Fox

Chris Hemsworth And John Smith From Pocahontas

© Photoshot / Reporter / East News, © Pocahontas / Walt Disney

Neil Pattrick Harris And The Riddler From Batman

© Instagram / East News, © Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros

Eric Balfour And Flynn Rider, From Tangled

© Everett Collection / East News, © Tangled / Walt Disney

Some of them are pretty obvious, while others may surprise you. But one thing is for sure – they all make an interesting list. Which one is your favorite? Share this with your friends and see what they think. And don’t forget to tell us in the comments which clone is your favorite!

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