Comic books have come a long way since their invention in the 1930s. They are now one of the most popular mediums for storytelling, and many iconic characters have been created in that time.

Some people might say that comic books are a thing of the past, but they would be wrong. Comic books are more popular than ever, and many movies based on them are huge hits. However, people who only know the movies might be surprised to see how different the characters look in their original comics.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most famous Marvel movie characters and show you what they looked like in their original comics.


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Heimdall was the all-seeing and all-hearing Asgardian and former guard of Asgard’s Bifrost Bridge. He could see and hear nearly everything that happens in the Nine Realms. He is possibly vegetarian in the movie, but he’s not wearing artificial furs in the comics. This guy has a sword in hand as well as his trusty helmet. Alas! Someone who doesn’t neglect safety!



Watch out for the new girl on the block. Looks like the one from the movie is more badass and doesn’t care about her hairstyle (is that a ponytail in the right picture?). But Valkyrie from the movie kept her comic book Asgardian cloak, and it looks so good!


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С’mon, what does he need clothes for, anyway? Groot is one of the most unique and fascinating characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a gentle giant, who often says very little, but what he does say is profound. Groot’s journey from a tree-like creature to a heroic figure is something that all fans of the MCU should witness.


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The adopted daughter of Thanos, the Mad Titan? She was taken from her war-ridden home planet by Thanos and raised to be a skilled assassin. Gamora has often been characterized as one of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy. However, she is also intelligent, determined, and resourceful. In recent years, Gamora has become an important member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Iron Man.

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Stan Lee himself repeatedly says that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man, aka Tony Stark. In recent years, Tony Stark has started to look more and more like Robert Downey Jr. in the comics as well. But that wasn’t always the case. Previously, Tony Stark had black or sometimes dark brown hair. And he possessed piercing blue eyes. He also stands at 6ft 1inch (without the armor on), while Downey Jr. is only about 5ft 7inch tall.

Scarlett Witch. Gorgeous as it is in comics.

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Like her fellow Avengers, Scarlet Witch has had multiple looks in the comics. However, her most iconic appearance is the one with the headband. For now, she doesn’t have it in the MCU but could sport this look in her upcoming TV series WandaVision. Otherwise, the MCU Wanda Maximoff looks fairly similar to her comic-book counterpart. Wanda has green eyes and auburn hair and is 5ft 7inch. Elizabeth Olsen also has green eyes and sports auburn hair (reddish-brown) in the MCU. The one significant difference is that Elizabeth Olsen is 5ft 4inch, not 5ft 7inch.

Ancient One.

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When most people think of Marvel, they think of superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America. But many people don’t know that Marvel has a very deep and interesting history that spans over 70 years. One of the most interesting parts of Marvel’s history is their decision to cast a woman in the role of Ancient One in the movie Doctor Strange. Some people have criticized this choice, but I believe it was wise.

Aunt May.

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It’s no secret that Aunt May is a crucial character in the Spider-Man story. She provides emotional support for Peter Parker, and she’s always there to help him out when he needs it. Spidey’s aunty gets younger and younger in every new Spider-Man movie. In Homecoming, she’s not a canonical old woman. She’s more like a “hot Italian woman,” as the guy from the shop next door put it.


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The summer’s funniest and most engaging superhero movie. Paul Rudd stars Scott Lang, a petty criminal recruited by scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to become the new Ant-Man and fight against evil. Scott is almost the same in the movies as in the comics, but in the comic version, he has those small insect antennae, which make him more ant-like.

Black Panther.

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Black Panther is a Marvel movie that has made history. It is the first superhero movie with a black lead that shattered box office expectations. Fewer gold details and the loss of a cloak for His Majesty. Seems like MCU’s Black Panther is more modest and maybe even more stylish. You can’t defeat the total black.

Loki. The God Of Mischief.

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Think of the mischief god, and what comes to mind? Chances are good it’s Loki. The trickster deity of Norse mythology is famous for his pranks and cunning schemes, but there’s more to him than that. Loki hasn’t lost his helmet during his MCU-lization thank goodness!


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Unlike his fellow Avenger Hawkeye, in both comic-book and film, Thor has long blonde hair and blue eyes. There’s a difference in height between them, though – Thor is 6ft 6inch tall, making him 3 inches taller than Chris Hemsworth. Costume-wise, Thor lacks his iconic helmet in the films. He later lost his iconic long locks, courtesy of meeting Stan Lee’s hairdresser in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).


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Hawkeye has multiple looks in the comics, but the color palette is one thing that almost consistently remains different from his portrayal in the MCU. Hawkeye in the comics usually wears more colorful clothing than in the MCU, where the color black seems to be his preferred choice. He also has blond hair and blue eyes and is 6ft 3inch tall. On the other hand, Jeremy Renner has brown hair and is much shorter than the comic book Hawkeye – he stands at only 5ft 8inch.


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This sweet cinnamon roll, who we saw last time in Infinity War, looks more like a warrior in the comic version. In the movies, Mantis has a less natural suit made of leather. It even resembles Loki’s style a little bit.


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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many characters possess superhuman abilities due to being “gifted” with a certain type of power. However, one character stands out from the rest; Vision, who Ultron created after he downloaded the Mind Stone into a synthetic body.

The Grandmaster.

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Taika Waititi has left the Grandmaster his human skin, but what beautiful makeup he has in Ragnarok! He doesn’t wear gloves in the movie at all. Is it because Jeff Goldblum’s power is in all those little gestures he makes?

The Marvel Avengers have been around for a long time, so it’s no surprise they’ve had plenty of movies to keep them busy. We tried to show you how the stars match the original comic series.

Which side will your favorite celebrity be on – comics or film-based heroes?

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