You can make a sign to share your thoughts with the world, but there's always room for improvement. Anyone who has tried creative writing knows that even when you get it right, some people might not understand what you are trying to say due in large part to incorrect grammar or over-complex words, making their message difficult to interpret.

There will never be one perfect way of saying anything, so do yourself (and others) justice by thinking about how best we'll convey meaning instead of just putting it out there.

In this post, we've collected ridiculous examples on this subreddit that will make you scratch your head. Scroll below and check them out yourself!

1. When “Don’t Dead Open Inside” Actually Makes Sense No Matter Which Way You Read It

Image: KarateKid84Fan

2. I Hate To Do This To A Fellow Climate Activist But…

Image: _temporarilystairs_

3. We Buy Men Used 29 And Up

Image: nowakhm

4. Don't Drink And Drive. Drive High

Image: MrShiftyJack

5. No Daniel Craig, No

Image: shrobotic

6. Wet Men Paint At Work

Image: KaibaMixi

7. Always Forgotten - Remembered Never

Image: ketawut

8. Idiot Anti-Vaxxers Who Got Fired From Hospital Job

Image: fight_milk38

9. Cuth Pube

Image: gothchick99

10. Anel Nasa

Image: Floppy76

11. Please The Beans

Image: spameggsspamandspam

12. If A Sub-Reddit Could Have An Arch-Rival

Image: catwok

13. Live Work Ride Long Hard Fast

Image: bbauTC

14. Jesus From Hell Saves

Image: BobLablah1

15. Have You Guys Heard Of The New Samsung Aix Gay?

Image: nWo_Spike

16. Black Matter Lives!

Image: daveberzack

17. Bathroom Be Right Break Back :)


18. This Great Hot Way To Coffee Choc

Image: Legitimate_Regret168

19. Say Racism No To Respect!

Image: Bellgrim

20. Double Double Cheese Cheese Burger Burger Please Please

Image: orsiborsi88

21. Bible Verse Or Star Wars Quote?

Image: sw_jc3

22. Thank Key, You Workers!

Image: aaronmcc122

23. Goldilocks Three Band The Ears

Image: jill853

24. Gives Up Who Never A Winner Is A Dreamer

Image: Persoons

25. Noki Party

Image: djboom05

26. Ooooh Chocolate The Grill Avenue Oo

Image: Stabf10

27. You Don't Matter Give Up

Image: _WTH_yaar

28. Either Way, They Are Not Wrong

Image: HappyChefChristoph

29. I’ll Take One Of Each

Image: hotdogcolors

30. Screw The Other 7 Coralines…

Image: CommieG

People are often guilty of not thinking things through before they act. In some cases, this can lead to minor issues. But in other cases, it can result in some pretty epic fails. Here are 30 examples of people who didn't think their message through and looked pretty foolish. Let's learn from their mistakes!

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