Every lady fantasizes about having the ideal wedding. Everything is planned with military precision. Everything: the meal, the ceremony, the wedding party’s attire, and, of course, the photos.

However, things don’t always go as planned, and little disasters can occur. Let’s look at some of the most surprising and amusing wedding mishaps!

1. Tasty??!!

2. The Tallest Bride Ever

3. Veil Or Crown 😂

4. Nooo!!! It’s Mine

5. Hide And Seek 😁

6. Where’s Waldo?

7. The Bouquet Accident

8. Please, Don’t Go!!

9. Double Watching

10. What Is She Doing?!!

11. Wait For It!! 😂

12. It Was A Long Tiring Day

13. The Plot Twist

14. The Man Falling Into The Water

15. Failure In Pair

16. Two Brides?

17. Somebody Help Him

18. What A Catch!

19. Wait For Me, Ladies!

20. What’s In There?!!

21. Welcome To The Party😂

22. Nice Timing

23. Say Cheese!!

24. I Won’t Let Her Go

25. The Centaur Bride?

26. Can I Get In?

27. The Ultimate Mechanic

28. Planking Is Still A Thing

29. The Most Magical Wedding Ever

30. Don’t Drop Me, Please!

31. Destroyed In Seconds

32. Let Me Be The Bride

33. When You Want A Childless Marriage

34. Now I Just Have To Find A Shovel

35. Mortal Kombat

Aren’t these photos entertaining? Did these make you laugh? In the comments section, let us know which photo made you laugh the most.

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