Animals may lead completely different lives than us, but they always seem so relatable. Sometimes it feels like they completely understand what we are going through, and they feel like that too. There is something about animals that always end up surprising us. Have you also been awestruck after meeting an animal?

Here are some people who ran into pawsome animals and were immediately awestruck. Have a look at these pictures, and you will feel the same!

1. Cute baby beaver I met at the subway.

2. A cat has a lot of things to deal with. It has a lot of things to deal with.

3. These cats couldn’t wait for their hooman. They have already chosen their place.

4. I got a high five (well, 4, actually) from this super tiny frog today.

5. “People complain about kids kicking or crying. This dude on my flight wouldn’t stop licking me.”

6. “Today, a stray dog let herself in my house and crawled in the tub while I was showering. Needless to say, I now have a new roommate.”

7. When a dog is on duty, it ensures that everything is done purrfectly.

8. “I was walking on the street and this dog decided to look right into my soul.”

9. “I was walking around the city and saw this…”

10. An unexpected visitor.

11. “A hummingbird crashed into our window and let my sister hold it until it felt better.”

12. This woman can’t believe how cats are so pawsome.

13. Owl be like, “Got a letter for you buddy”

14. Look at these blue-tongued skinks! Aren’t they super adorable?

15. “I found this tiny tortoise on the road.”

16. “This squirrel was begging me for food at The Grand Canyon.”

17. “This chipmunk came and sat in the chair on my front porch to eat his acorn.”

18. When you find a little pawsome cat sitting quietly on your bed, you don’t ask it to leave. Better take out your camera and take a good picture to spread this pawsomeness in the world.

Which one of these animals did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this adorable story and spread happiness around.

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