Nature is the reason behind all lives dwelling on the earth. It is the blessing of invisible power for all living organisms. Nature includes living and non-living components that together make life on Earth possible. Some forms of nature can be seen through the lush green forests, the vast sky above us, the oceans without an end, the mountains standing tall, and so on.

There’s something about nature that just seems to overpower everything else. These photographs are a testament to that, as they capture some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring moments that can be found in the world around us.

These 16 terrifyingly beautiful images remind us to appreciate the natural world and all it offers. So, sit back and be thrilled.

1. Maybe, a child buried their bike years ago, and now it is engraved in the tree forever.

2. This is oddly interesting to see.

3. Honestly, I would love to have a little hut in the middle of the forest.

4. I wonder why no one came back from the plane.

5. The sign is yelling for the tree to stop, but is it listening? No.

6. How did these trees manage to grow in the middle of the ocean? We have no idea.

7. This was made to blend in with nature, so this didn’t just happen.

8. The pattern is so interesting to see.

9. Would you ever ride this rusted Ferris wheel?

10. This one might just have a green roof or something by the looks of it.

11. Does this remind anyone of Tomb Raider? Well, that is because it was in the movie!

12. One day, we will all be like this, vanished into thin air.

13. This is giving me Last Of Us vibes.

14. We could theoretically restore this beautiful church, but it is abandoned now.

15. The statue looks serene, getting swallowed by the tree.

16. Why did someone put their piano in the middle of the forest?

It’s hard to look at these photos and not feel a sense of awe for the power and beauty of nature. These 16 images are a great reminder that, no matter what we do, nature will always take over in the end. So, which one made you feel thrilled? Don’t forget to mention it in the comments.

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