Elon Musk divides the whole day into blocks (parts) of 5 minutes. It is already decided which 5-minute block to use for which work. To begin with, start blocking an hour or half an hour of your time for a task using the tips below.

Tips for Time Blocking

1. Set your priorities.

Why do you want to block your time?

- to make most of your day.

- to maintain work-life balance.

- to get things done on time.

2. Create a "template" for your day.

Block the times outside work too.

- 7 to 8 am shower/breakfast.

- 8 to 9 am - writing.

- 8 pm to 9 pm - family time.

- 10 pm to 6 am sleeping time.

3. List down your tasks.

- Write down your to-do list for tomorrow, today itself.

- Assign time for work/home/family/social.

4. Categorize your tasks.


- Tasks that need deep work.

- Tasks that need shallow work.

- Tasks that are high priority.

5. Block your calendar based on the above tasks.

- Put the tasks that need deep work/high priority as the first thing in your day or after your breaks.

- Add the tasks with shallow work after the deep work ones.

6. Schedule breaks and buffers.

- Place buffers to handle some spilling tasks and also add breaks between.

- It will be too tough to concentrate throughout the day.

7. Revisit your calendar and the actual events of the day.

- Every day, check to which extent your time blocking worked.

- the pace you work?

- the order you prioritize?

- the time assigned was sufficient?

Next day, adjust your time blocks accordingly.

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