A stunning photo shows a disc-shaped UFO believed to be around 50 feet across emerging from a squall before fading into space.

Picture: Juan Manuel Sanchez/Facebook.

The images of the round silver object have Mexico abuzz, especially after they aired on national news television.

The US Sun reports that car mechanic Juan Manuel Sanchez went viral after sharing UFO photos on his Facebook.

He saw the object while trying to take pictures of an upcoming storm on his phone.

The clear and high-resolution pictures appear to show the saucer shape hanging in front of dark storm clouds in the distance. However, while the photos have sparked debate, it's unclear if it was a camera trick, a natural occurrence, an elaborate hoax, or a genuine encounter with an unknown object.

Juan remains adamant about what he saw outside his home in Valle Hermoso on August 17 and gave Mexican television station RDTV an account of the sighting. His wife and one of his co-workers also swear they saw the unidentified flying object before it took off into space.

The mechanic guesstimated the object was approximately 50 feet (15.24m) in diameter, and he believes it was positioned around half a mile from his home.

And he hit back at naysayers who claim his photo is doctored, saying people had told him they think it was simply a hubcap or pan lid.

Juan said he was in shock when he first allegedly spotted the object. He added that it wasn’t fear but something like astonishment instead. The mechanic said that although he is disappointed he didn’t get a video of the event,  he took pictures before the object vanished.

Juan saw lights in the sky later that evening and was worried about coming forward with his sighting because of the negative association people often have with UFOs.

Picture: Juan Manuel Sanchez/Facebook.

“It was right there above that house above the cables,” he told RDTV:

“I got my mobile phone to film it because it was always a dream to see something like this, this close.”

The mechanic went on: “We were working here outside at the workshop when we saw some very dark clouds- it was cloudy like it is now, a bit more. I wanted to film a video but my phone was on photo mode and I got the first picture."

“When we started watching it, it was in one place it wasn’t moving and then as I got the second and third photo it started moving upwards. When I changed my phone to video mode it wasn’t possible. As it was going away I could see it more, the disc the shape of a disc.”

Juan lamented: “It’s sad I wasn’t able to get a video.

“There are people who don’t believe- they say it was a lid from a car or a pan of tamales.”

Picture: RDTV.

The provenance of Juan's photographs is uncertain, but he appears convinced he witnessed something in the sky.

Recently, UFOs have been in the news again, and politicians, former servicemen, intelligence officials, and even presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are now discussing them more openly. And it came to a head with a landmark hearing earlier this year on Capitol Hill.

Officials in the US have expressed concerns about unidentified flying objects in their skies – and the topic is no longer silent. Could it be technology from Russia or China, weapons tests done by America, or something natural we haven't discovered yet?

Some might say that the unidentified flying object is easily a natural phenomenon or known aircraft, while others would claim it to be an example of hoaxes and mass hysteria. And then there is the other option, maybe it is something extraterrestrial?

The United States' official position is that they are unaware — and pressure for greater transparency on the issue is growing more popular.

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