Two potential Peaky Blinders spinoff series are reportedly under development at Netflix, as per Bloomberg. One concept will shift the setting to 20th century Boston, transplanting the gritty dynamics to an American backdrop, decades after the original show's conclusion. Details remain undisclosed on the plot and casting.

The second possible spinoff has a focus on Aunt Polly Gray, the fierce Shelby family elder. Actress Helen McCrory memorably portrayed the character before her passing in 2021. It is unclear if McCrory's version of Polly might still feature through unused footage or recasting.

Additionally, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight recently confirmed progress completing the script for a spinoff film. “I’m just working on the final bits of it at the moment,” Knight stated, comparing the writing process to channeling a dream. He intends to start shooting around mid-2024, however returning cast involvement is still unconfirmed.

Between two speculative series and a feature film, new chapters aim to extend the Peaky Blinders saga into uncharted territory. As details continue developing, fan excitement will undoubtedly build further.

What existing or new elements from the Peaky Blinders universe would you wish to see explored in these projects?

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